Maria’s Local Radar: Rock For Landon Cancer Benefit Event

Over the past few years in the Local Radar, I have featured many bands; one of them being in my top five, going by the name of Breathing Blue. With obstacles in each of their lives, they took some time off to reflect and pursue other dreams. But, for one night, they are all about to reconnect. Unfortunately, the circumstances are not the greatest, but it’s all for a great cause.

Landon, the son of Breathing Blue drummer Tyler Moellmann, has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his eye. The boys, along with another Local Radar alumnus, Set It Free, and more, will be playing a show at River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar in Brick, New Jersey, on August 18, with all proceeds going to Landon’s treatment. I recently had a chat with Robert Bost, guitar player of Breathing Blue, about the benefit, possible new music, and the “future” of the band. Check it out below.

For circumstances not so great, you are all reuniting for your brother Tyler and his son Landon’s fight against cancer. I know you all have a big benefit planned soon. Tell us about it.

Breathing Blue will always be a band through thick and thin. Even if it means not playing shows or writing records for long periods of time, we’re still a family. Tyler and his family are family to us and when we heard the news we just had to do whatever we could to help.

Playing a show at any given time is like secondhand nature to us. It’s being together as family when we need one another is what’s important. And we couldn’t be more grateful for our buddies in Set It Free and Wicked Hollow for playing with us on such short notice.

Who thought of getting these bands back together?

As of now, we’re doing this for family. I can’t speak for Set It Free, but I know I can speak for [Breathing] Blue when I say we’ll always be around. We love playing together, even if it means just once every couple of years.

It’s crazy how hard times can bring people back together, but it has to make you all feel emotional to be taking the stage together again. How long has it actually been?

I believe the last Breathing Blue show was a reunion in 2013. I could be wrong, but the band went on a hiatus in 2012.

We hear there will be some door prizes, drink specials and more. Where can people get more information on Landon’s fight?

All proceeds go to Landon and his family, respectfully. And for those that wish to contribute more, please visit their family GoFundMe page at It would mean the world to us to see everyone there in support of this little guy and his great big smile. He’ll brighten your night a million times more than Blue ever could.

So the future, what is in store? New music, perhaps a few more shows, what gives?

Peace, love, and maybe!


Be sure to head on out to River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar in Brick, New Jersey, on August 18 for Landon’s benefit event with Breathing Blue, Set It Free, Wicked Hollow and more. For more details, go to and