Maria’s Local Radar: Levy & The Oaks

Locals, we meet again. Although fall is right around the corner, this thick heat still has me sweating. That’s okay, though, because it’s still outdoor show season, and we have to enjoy that while we can. Last week I told you a little bit about a benefit that is happening at The River Rock in Brick this Thursday, August 18, so if you have no plans, come on out and support Team Landon and his fight against cancer.

Now, let’s get back to the music. I want to bring to your attention a band that Tom Hanley, the host of Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat, brought to my attention recently. After a few listens, I fell hard, and haven’t looked back. You may already know them, as they appear to have a pretty steady fan base in the local market in a very short amount of time, but either way I can reacquaint you. They go by the name of Levy & The Oaks. They are a rock band from Asbury Park, New Jersey, with band members Duane Okun, Lou Panico, and Chris Colon. Side note: I am not sure if you all have noticed, but Asbury Park tends to breed some pretty epic talent these days, just an observation.

Now, I am not here to completely review their music, as they are still new to me as well. I more so want to proclaim how much potential I believe this band has, because I am sure in a few months I will be reviewing a show, with hundreds of people in the room. In their own words, they “mix clever lyrics with catchy spangled melodies, and engaging arrangements into a melting pot full of pop sensibility and grassroots rock & roll elements to deliver a unique and tasteful spin on a modern (and not so modern) culture.” That’s quite a description, and if that doesn’t get you excited, I am not sure what will.

If I had to describe their sound, there is a hint of Mumford & Sons, mixed with some Avett Brothers, but with more of a rock twang. However, I am not comparing them by any means, because they are extremely original in every aspect. They have the look and the style of rock stars, and the talent to back it up.

I somehow got my hands on a summer sampler they released at a show, and I have been trying to spread the word about them as much as possible. For an act that hasn’t put out that much product yet, they sure have a way of developing fans quickly. Want to see for yourself what they have to offer? You can catch them every Tuesday night at 8 p.m., for free, at Pier Village in Long Branch as a part of the Jersey Rock Summer Concert Series. Pretty cool concept there, especially on a warm summer night.

I have a feeling there is a little something for everyone to love in their sound, and they will become a household name in no time. For now, as we are all getting to know them better, you can head on over to their Facebook page to find out when and where they are playing next at They also have an official website with a lot of cool stuff at I am sure you will find me at one of their shows in the near future, so be sure to come say hello.

In the meantime, keep on discovering new music; it’s easy, it’s everywhere.