Maria’s Local Radar: Recapping Rock For Landon At The River Rock

It’s about that time to talk music, my favorite time of the week. I am honored to sit here and follow up on a previous article I shared with you guys about an event that was near and dear to my heart, Rock For Landon. A good friend of mine and local musician’s son was recently diagnosed with cancer of his eye, and is doing an amazing job in treatment as we speak!

However, on Aug. 18 at The River Rock in Brick, good friends and family all gathered to help raise money for Landon’s treatment. The night was filled with music, prizes, and lots of love. Personally, in addition to everything else, this night meant a lot to me because two of my favorite bands whom I have worked with for many years reunited for one night only, Breathing Blue and Set It Free. To say it was amazing is an understatement, and I’m sure hundreds of others in attendance would agree.

The night kicked off with local band Wicked Hollow, and it was my first time seeing them. They really impressed me, and were the perfect choice to get the crowd warmed up.

Next, as I felt tingling in my hands and feet from excitement, a band I managed for years, Set It Free, took the stage. Looking around the room, I saw so many familiar faces, and although we’re all a few years older, we all picked up right where we left off. Blasting hits such as “Forget The Past,” “Brilliant Sound” and “Don’t Stand Alone,” they barely had to sing themselves because the crowd was chanting every word. The best gang vocals I have ever heard. They picked it up musically immediately, almost as if they had never stopped playing. These five men will never stop making fans act like 18-year-olds, and I’ll admit I was sore from dancing so hard. This may have been a final thing, but man was it a good way to go out.

That being said, the headliners of the night, Breathing Blue, were on deck. With a break in between for Landon’s amazing family to host some raffles, and Tyler, Landon’s father (drummer of Breathing Blue), to make a speech, I became teary-eyed. Although the circumstances aren’t what anyone would ever want, you could see how much love was in that room and how appreciative Tyler and his family were. They are an extremely tight unit and I was honored to be in that room.

Breathing Blue then took the stage. They kicked the night off with a new track that was insanely good, and I secretly hope they release it because I need some more of that in my life. They followed up with my favorite song, “Inner Animal,” which allowed the crowd to go completely nuts. Justin, Tyler, Matt, Chris, and Rob feed off one another with an insane bond, personally and musically. Just watching them I become so captivated with how talented they really are. Again, this crowd was hyped and knew every word. To switch things up, they even did a little Zeppelin and Rage Against The Machine that literally could have woken up a zombie. They also played their smash hit “Gorilla,” leaving us all with our hearts and sweat on the floor.

Rock For Landon was more than successful in many ways; we raised money, but we also demonstrated how much love these bands have for one another, and how much support this music scene can offer one another. These bands may never play together again, but I can only hope they all continue to share their art and talent with the world in some capacity. I encourage you all to continue to fight for Landon’s treatment, as his family would do the same for you. For more information, visit Cheers to you all, and fight for Landon!