An Interview With The Penthouse: Goal To Inspire

College friends turned bandmates, The Penthouse, explain to us how they got together, their goals as a band, and more! Check it out below.

Please list all band members:

Patrick Minogue.

Jacob Arias.

Kyle Raney.

Jesse Mason.

Eric Derwallis.

Where are you from?

We are a Boston-based band who met at Berklee College of Music. However, Patrick and Jacob are originally from New Jersey, Kyle and Eric from Connecticut, and Jesse from California.

How long have you been a band and how did you get started?

We’ve been a band for nearly two years now. We all started as annoying/rowdy college dorm neighbors who used to play and hang out. Patrick had a few songs he was working on and asked the guys if they’d play on the recordings. Eventually, the “squad” became a band.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

Our music is like a thin line where indie rock and pop are meeting each other in the middle.

What was your latest release of music and can you talk about that a bit?

Our latest release was a song called “Another Day.” It’s definitely our most upbeat song and it starts to emphasize our direction for indie pop. We also experimented with some new synths and sounds.

What is your writing and recording process like?

Usually some of us will have melody ideas and we all just build on that. Even when it’s just a small fragment, we record a little voice memo of it and keep on adding. We like to record demos before recording the final just so we know what to work and improve on.

What are current projects you are working on?

We are currently working on our next few singles and hopefully booking another tour for the summer. Our next single, “City Lights,” will be out very soon.

What are your goals for the future as a band?

Our goal is to inspire and touch a global audience by making music that speaks to us and them at the same time.    

What music platforms can readers find your music?

Our music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and most other music platforms.