Breaking Down Jack White’s New Singles

Four years of waiting have paid off, because Jack White has released not one, but two new songs for his fans and the world to hear. “Connected by Love” and “Respect Commander” are both off his upcoming third solo record, Boarding House Reach, and both have an evident storytelling tone that mimics what he told Rolling Stone about putting himself into the mindset of a character. “Connected by Love” is a melancholy love song that seems to be a modern take on the psychedelic yearning for love of the ‘70s. There is a gospel choir, organs being played, and intense guitar riffs. This barely five minute song is an interesting journey, and a good one, at that.

“Respect Commander” follows a vision. The guitar driven song seems as though it will be a vital piece in the puzzle that will be Boarding House Reach. There are only a few lines of lyrics, and the story being told isn’t necessarily deep, but as a whole I can sense the climax or peak in the storyline being found in this song. With lyrics such as “And I cannot protect my heart from her command,” you can only wonder about who “she” is and why his heart is so entranced by her. White seems to be taking a more time-conscious approach to his music by intertwining styles and formulating a plot; which is beginning to make it look like this new era of his will be a step above his previous one.

The songs are available everywhere digitally and can be purchased on 7” vinyl from his website.