All Time Low Drop Single “Everything Is Fine”

  All Time Low keeps churning out hits, as they recently released their first single since crafting a new sound in, Last Young Renegade, just last year. The band refuses to remain steadfast in their creative vision, as they continuously have their fans on their toes despite being in the mainstream music scene for over a decade. The quartet, led by vocalist Alex Gaskarth, has certainly come a long way since their pre-2010 pop-punk days.

  “Everything Is Fine,” is bound to be a popular choice for summer playlists, especially ahead of their aptly named ‘Summer Ever After’ tour alongside Dashboard Confessional. It boasts a light, upbeat instrumentation that mirrors the message portrayed in the lyrics, as Gaskarth attempts to blatantly ignore the craziness happening in the world around him. (Fitting for the current state of the world, isn’t it?) The chorus turns the single into a full-fledge anthem, as Gaskarth sings, “Everything is fine and nothing matters/Weather’s always nice inside my head/I turn the music up so loud/Tired of bullshit, drown it out/Everything is fine and nothing matters anyway/If I don’t care.”

  The alt-rock band will have you fully convinced that “everything’s alright” by the time you reach the end of the track, and you’ll probably be inclined to listen to it a couple more times as well. All Time Low already have a criminally loyal fan base, and they certainly know how to keep them happy. Feel free to roll down your car windows and blast this banger at full volume: you likely won’t be the only one.


Hear “Everything Is Fine”: