In Memoriam – Kyle Pavone [1990 – 2018]

  I only had the pleasure of interacting with Kyle Pavone once. I was nearing the end of college and working for our college radio station, Seton Hall’s Pirate Radio, 89.5 FM WSOU. In town on tour, I had made the trek to Starland Ballroom in Sayreville a couple hours prior to the show to interview Kyle and the We Came As Romans bassist, Andy Glass, for the station. Both warmly welcomed me onto the tour bus where we chatted in the back, tiny lounge area for about half an hour.

  I remember seeing a box of either Triscuits or Fig Newtons, possibly both, lying on the seating area as Kyle apologized for the disarray and said they had a few extra guests staying on the bus with them at the time. It was unnecessary; the tour bus was still cleaner than half the dorms my friends and I frequented.

  While Andy largely drove the conversation at first, with Kyle adding quips here and there with a warm smile, he quickly opened up. I was still fairly new to holding interviews — much less with a band that had recently debuted their latest album, Tracing Back Roots, at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 – but their laid-back attitudes put me at ease and kept the interview flowing with little need for prompting. Kyle fed off of Andy’s jokes, and vice-versa, both erupting in laughter multiple times throughout our conversation over something the other said. It didn’t surprise me to learn their friendship had preceded Kyle’s joining the band.

  Before I left the bus, we snapped picture, exchanged hugs, and Kyle shot me this goofy, yet completely sincere grin before saying, “We’ll see you out there!” That night, the crowd was electric — Kyle’s vocals passionate and unfaltering, even at one point as he entered the crowd.

  Over the years, as the band’s career continued progressing and mine began, I would go on to interview their unclean vocalist, Dave Stephens, twice, but never had the opportunity to speak with Kyle again. I thought I would.

  No details about Kyle’s passing have been released as of yet. At this point in time, maybe that’s best. This is how I remember him: a passionate musician who loved joking with his friends, who gave a young, aspiring music journalist his time.

  I can only imagine the memories his fans, friends and family have of him from his 28 years.