Reece Young – “Forget Don’t Forgive”

  With a short and sweet bio describing his music as “alternative emo inspired sounds born and bred in Jersey,” Reece Young instantly becomes a mystery. His third EP, Forget Don’t Forgive, only adds to the mystery of the New Jersey artist. Nonetheless, his music is every scene enthusiast’s dream.

  I highly recommend not listening to Forget Don’t Forgive while going through a breakup — unless you want to end up finishing an entire bag of dino nuggets while scream-crying into your favorite stuffed animal from your ex — I can totally picture festival goers crowd-surfing to this. Alternative emo with an electronic flare, his opening song, “What You’ve Become”, sets the stage for Young’s latest story. Claiming to not be able to move on and say goodbye, listeners get a sense that Young has recently split with someone — whether that be a friend or a partner is unclear (again, adding to the mystery of Reece Young). Continuing with alt emo sounds with a bit of electronica-laced beats, Young is joined by singer Molly Lutz to create beautiful harmonies backed by some powerful (and slightly dark) lyrics. Closing the EP with a beautiful piano melody, “Holes in My Wall” is haunting, leaving listeners with a sense of resentment mixed with hope.

  Short, sweet, and to the point, Reece Young remains a mystery. Listen to Forget Don’t Forgive on Spotify.