Shoreworld – Asbury Underground Returns October 13 With Tons of Options

  Asbury Underground has been cranking out quality entertainment since 2014. Asbury Underground is the brainchild of Patrick Schiavino, owner of the Art629 Gallery. Schiavino envisioned an event that brought together the city’s art and music scenes to raise public awareness about the richness of Asbury Park’s culture.

  He owns Art629 Gallery on Cookman Avenue and wanted to generate some foot traffic downtown. Today, the event brings musicians (many of which have performed on stages around the world) to the city’s art galleries and city clubs. It’s a beautiful merging of art and music, and it’s popular! More than 10,000 people came out on the days of Underground last year.

  Asbury Underground is made up of a conglomerate of the area’s best and includes Patrick Schiavino, Artist/Gallerist/Founder, Asbury Underground, Rick Barry, musician/Music Curator/APP Creator and Administrator, Christine Feola, Impresario/Music Curator, Michael Forgie, Photographer/Social Media Administrator/Web Designer, Mallory Massara, Artist/Graphic Design/Program Artwork, Joe Harvard, Musician/Artist/gARTen Creator & Curator, Lou Montesano, Musician/Filmmaker/Videographer, Jeff Crespi, Official Photographer, Brittany James, Artist, Nick Keifer, Graphic Artist/Branding, Plus, the hundreds of musicians, artists, writers and performers creating the voice of Asbury Park, each weekend and all year round.

  This year’s roster of talent includes many more national level bands as well as local heroes. Performers such as Sal Boys, Amy Malakoff, Chris Brown, Kevin John Allen, Colton Kayser, Taylor Tote, Quincy Mumford, Blisstique, Sunday Blues, Geena, Zach Moyle, Tommy Fuller, Amanda Duncan, Billy Hector, Avery Mandeville, Emily Grove, Arlen Feiles, Stringbean, Doug Zambon, The Vaughn’s, and so many others.

  There are several stages, and of course, many bands play at the various businesses on Cookman Avenue. Some of the stage offerings are the main events, the Asbury Park Crawl. A situation where fans go from bar to bar and business to business to see their favorite performers. All day events include Lakehouse Music presents Lakehouse Pros, Joe Harvard’s very own Garten Stage on Cookman, pop-up art show, The Surfrider Stage, AU Comedy Club on Cookman, Underground poets, Poetry and Jazz as well as a beautiful show party at Johnny Macs on Main Street. There are many sponsors for The Asbury Underground show including banks, restaurants, bars, club’s local businesses and many different news media outlets. Venues include Americas Cup, Art629, Backwards Glances, Exhibit No. 9, Holdfast Records (great friend and all around great guy Joe) Lakehouse, Parlor Gallery, Rebel Supply, Mogo, APMF, Hot Mess, Red Rose Bakery and many, many more.

  The Asbury Underground site has a whole list of performers that you can listen to beforehand on their website as well as a whole bunch of extra stuff that you can get onboard with before the actual festival. Asbury Underground depends on everyone to help, and their message is that they reach thousands of people through their various networks so if you want to promote or are interested in getting involved, please reach out to them at

  I have to say that I’ve been to several of these and it’s a smooth running and intricate show that promotes their local acts and businesses over outside contributors which is impressive and all-inclusive. The fact that Pat Schiavino can put this together and make it work is always a fantastic thing to me. Between the music, the food, the merchandising and the venues, there isn’t another local-only show that comes close in town.

  I’m super excited to see several bands and performers this year and can’t wait to see players such as Chris Brown, Amy Malkoff, Kevin John Allen, Colton Kayser, Anthony Walker, Avery Rose, Taylor tote, Quincy Mumford, Blisstique, Sunday Blues, Tommy Fuller, Geena, Billy Hector, Avery Mandeville, Emily Grove and quite a few others. The homey town-wide feel of this how is always a winner and unless you’re a drunken, lousy sot you always walk away from this event with fond memories as well as a purse still intact. Drinks cost money, as does food and merchandise, but Asbury Underground does what they can to make everything affordable and fun.

  For more information on performers, venues and available niceties, please head over to the website to get more information and guides to who’s playing when and where. Like most festivals that span a street-wide area, you must do some homework to figure out who you want to see and where bit its laid out in a way that you really can’t argue with, and you’ll find what you need pretty damn fast.

  For more information, head over to and get all the details that you will need to have a fantastic weekend of music, food, fun and interaction.

  And once again, if you know of anyone deserving coverage including bands, festivals, Theater, comedy or anything else, email me directly at