Spotlights–Tusk, Classic Albums, Miniature Tigers, Softeee

Millville To Host Authentic, Beloved Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

For over 25 years, the five über-talented and phenomenally hard-working members of Tusk have been putting on note-for-note renditions of Fleetwood Mac songs. The iconic Grammy-award winning rock band has an extensive catalog and an ever more extensive fan base. They have been loved around the world since the sixties, meaning that Tusk puts on a show that is not only notalgic and heartwarming, but is a true musical celebration of a band that made their mark on the world. Tusk brings Fleetwood Mac to life once more in the most special, honest, and respectful way. To catch the memorable tribute act live, head to the Levoy Theatre on Jan. 31. Tickets can be found at

It’s Who’s Next Without The Who!

It’s a North American phenomenon that has dominated the concert scene for the past 17 years. Classic Albums Live is an ongoing tradition of a live show dedicated to piece of music that have both shaped the world and stood the test of time. There are no gimmicks, no costumes, and no spectacle to them. It’s truly a group of professional, dedicated musicians that want to bring these legendary albums to life in the most personal, direct, and exact way possible. On Jan. 30, The Paramount is hosting the latest installment, bringing The Who’s beloved record Who’s Next to the stage for an intimate, yet lively performance that Who fans and music lovers near and far will surely adore. For more information, go to

Miniature Tigers Are Coming Home

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York via Phoenix, Arizona is a highly regarded four-piece band that started out on MySpace, but found a home in the worldwide indie pop sphere. With ten releases under their belt, Miniature Tigers has come far from their Top 8 and webcam days. The passionate musicians have worked hard to grow their sound, crafting an original blend of dreamy synth pop and energetic alternative rock – a sound that has led their following to grow, as well. The group has toured extensively, written and recorded stellar pieces of music for everything from EPs to films, and has brought new life to the singer-songwriter genre. They’re scheduled to perform live at Rough Trade on Feb. 1 and if that doesn’t bring you out of your post-holiday season slump, I don’t know what will. Visit for tickets.

Softee: The Sweetest City Singer

In a world saturated by streaming-service-curated playlists and on-the-rise musicians, Softee is the DIY pop star you didn’t know you needed. The Juliard graduate, intricate lyricist, and melodic songstress has been making people in and around NYC dance and sing and feel free at her live shows since her start eight years ago. She’s becoming a Big Apple staple with her fantastic stage presence, classic eighties stylings, and three part harmonies. Nobody is paving their own way in the world like Softee and nobody deserves to have their music heard like she does. It’s sparkly, it’s light, and it’s all her own. She’s playing The Mercury Lounge on Feb. 3 and if you love anything about pop music or DIY singer-songwriters, this show if for you. Tickets can be found at