1. A Halo Called Fred, Go Home Drama You’re Drunk and Other Tales of Going through Hell to Escape the Evil Monkeys (Lump’N’Loaf)

2. The Milwaukees, The Calling (Mint 400)

3. Stella Mrowicki, Pine Trees and Wildflowers

4. Roadside Graves, That’s Why We’re Running Away (Don Giovanni)

5. Mike Montrey Band, In the Middle of Hope

6. Bruce Tunkel, American Patriot

7. Bruce Tunkel, Us

8. Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band, Nightbird Motel

9. Candy Cavity, Candy Cavity

10. 19DRT, 19DRT


Makin Waves: Top 10 NJ Indie Songs of the Year 

1. Foxanne, “Opportunity”

2. The Milwaukees, “The Calling” (Mint 400)

3. Stella Mrowicki, “Without Me”

4. Stella Mrowicki, “High St.”

5. Bruce Tunkel, “I Can Do Better”

6. Mike Montrey Band, “Spirit of Youth” 

7. Mike Montrey Band, “New Mexico”

8. Ragged Lines, “Hangin’ On”

9: Originaire, “Off the Ship”

10. Candy Cavity, “Fuck Boys”

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