Donald Trump Ramps Up His Exit Destruction 

If I were a foreign adversary of the United States I would attack now. We have never been more vulnerable. The federal government is in complete chaos, the president has literally disappeared from his duties and spends his time trying to undermine the core of our democracy, final election results, while ignoring a raging pandemic that has reached its nadir. Instead Donald Trump spends his time tweeting the firings of key members of his cabinet and those of utmost import in security positions and replacing them with unqualified sycophants. He is yanking troops out of strategic areas of war against the wishes of his generals and advisors. The secretary of state is abroad claiming a second Trump term and the Pentagon is now run by confused amateurs controlling the movements of the world’s most powerful army. This is now a full-blown structural crisis. It has become quite obvious that Donald Trump is using the angst and humiliation of his profound defeat to destroy America in his last sixty days. 

This is not opinion. By any measure, this is happening.

When history records this, it will come to one conclusion: Donald Trump was the most effective anti-American terrorist ever. No one, not Osama bin Laden, has done the kind of lasting damage to the foundation of the United States of America than our president is enacting right now. If America’s enemies could have drawn this up, I doubt they would have even dreamed this scenario.   

For those who wondered why for over a year now, and especially these last crucial months, I continued to write column and after column begging the American people to stop the fire blazing across the country – lit and fed by a psychopath in the White House – it has become abundantly clear these past two weeks how far a second Trump Administration would have gone to completely annihilate the substance of the United States. The madness he now displays in a ramped-up form of obliterating everything in his wake is very real and very dangerous and has put this nation at its lowest and weakest ebb in modern times.

There has never been a more heinous enemy of America than Donald Trump at this moment – he is acting as an unhinged vengeful monster hellbent on demolishing the country he is sworn to lead and protect by the guidelines of our constitution; what insiders have leaked as a “scorched earth policy” to leave nothing left for president-elect Joe Biden. And since Biden will take that solemn oath on January 20, 2021, then it means he is leaving nothing left for us. We are under attack. Our enemy is inside the walls. He holds the weaponry of demolition and he is wielding it with extreme prejudice.

Trump has advised his staff to stonewall any information due to the president-elect as is the custom and the law, a courtesy he enjoyed in late 2016. This is another wall built by the president between his rule and the rule of law. It mirrors his refusal to accept Russia’s interference in the election that year and then the ensuing firing of personnel investigating it, concluding with his obstruction of justice against the American intelligence and law enforcement communities that aimed to get to the bottom of it. And because certain Republicans humored and supported these crimes, this abhorrent behavior has now come to directly affect the health and lives of our citizens, and most vitally, the very security of our nation.

Ignoring a peaceful or really any transition of power is especially injurious to a country in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century that has reached new heights of infections and is predicted to get much worse in the coming weeks of winter and into the holiday season. Even before his decisive defeat, Trump had not attended a Coronavirus Task Force for nearly half a year in which 11.8 million have been infected and 250,000 Americans are dead. It was written here before in several ways, but it is hard to not conclude that Trump would rather see people die than take blame or face defeat. He is a murderer. And that too will fill history books. 

And right now, more than ever, our standing in the world and general security is in complete ruins. Already gutted, the State Department is in shambles and the Pentagon completely rudderless. Check that, it has a rudder, but those at the wheel are ineffectual neophytes. Dumping the remnants of two wars conducted over the past two decades is Trump’s penalty for our voting him out. Now the troops, sent to protect us, are under fire by their own commander-in-chief. It is beyond pettiness to fuck with America’s military and its security infrastructure, but, of course, this has been the aim all along for the draft-dodging, veteran-mocking Donald Trump, something he is proving again in these weeks that follow his electoral beating. He would rather see the nation vulnerable aboard as he bullies lawmakers and states to disenfranchise millions of voters for his damaged ego at home.    

As I write this, Donald Trump is doing something right now to attempt to destroy America. No one is sure what or when, not even those in his service. It is completely anarchy of governance that leaves open our flanks to our foreign adversaries and those who lay in wait to cause further chaos. His fleeting days at its helm has become an exercise in virulent attack. This is what we who have always known him to be our enemy have written and shouted and argued now for four years, and here it is, in warp speed, day after miserable day. 

The evidence is glaring. And to those who continue to defend this vindictive and destructive presidency, you will also be counted as enemies of our state, and not because of your ideological disagreements, zealot-like idolatry of a cult of personality, or because we don’t like or don’t understand this dangerous idiot, but because of his odious actions, this wildly anti-American flailing about to do harm. There is no longer hiding behind MAGA slogans. They lie in ruins, like his legacy, one of boorish, authoritarian, pathological mayhem. This particular part of the sad joke that is Donald Trump is over now, just as his treacherous presidency is over. 

It is time to stand with America against Donald Trump, before he takes the whole thing down with him, like everything he has ever been handed.

There is one truth to this entire mess that I hope for my daughter and your children will end not with an attack on our shores or harm to our troops abroad, with the solemn appeal that our system can endure these venomous attacks: There was indeed a conspiracy on November 3, 2020. Eighty million Americans conspired to vote Donald Trump out as an enemy of the state. 

We just have to survive the fallout.