PREMIERE: Emily Hackett’s Ethereal Acoustic Video for “How The Hell”

When the stunning Emily Hackett trekked up to an equally beautiful location in Pacific Palisades, CA called ‘Top Of The World,’ she knew she had magic on her hands.

The singer-songwriter used that otherworldly setting and her already exquisite storyteller sound to shoot a music video that she herself dubs “vulnerable.” With a sunset behind her and both a deep look and listen into the way this star crafts her art, the entire video experience is spellbinding. Aesthetics aside, it is Hackett’s delicate vocals and warm-toned guitar riffs that aid to the comfort and enchantment of the entire video.

Here is the premiere of Emily Hackett’s acoustic gem of a track, “How The Hell,” performing for her video series, Live from The Top Of The World.

As she last questions “How the hell did I get you?,” Hackett dips flawlessly into her highest register before fading out her voice and guitar simultaneously, making for the most ethereal, glowing moment of peace and understanding within her mastery.

Miss Hackett tells The Aquarian, “’How The Hell’ was a song that we almost released with just me and my guitar for the actual record, so I wanted a version of it out there that was just the performance. Just the way I’d always played it. No better place to be vulnerable than on a mountaintop.”

The world is not only the backdrop for this acoustic video, but it is fully at Hackett’s fingertips as she effortlessly sings and writes about the reality of the world in a melodic, realistic, and emotive way. Emily Hackett, once again, is proving that a girl and her guitar can be more spirited, intoxicating, and influential than anything else.

Producers Davis Naish (L) and Mikey Reaves (R) with Emily Hackett at ‘Top Of The World.’ Shot by Noah Kentis.