Alt Bloom’s Effortlessly Timeless New Single, “Tired”

Ethan Thompson is Alt Bloom. Alt Bloom just released “Tired.” That means that Ethan Thompson is a musical genius. 

This is something that isn’t new to fans of the LA-by-way-of-Montana singer-songwriter. Since he shot onto the music scene in 2019, the streaming world has continuously clamored for any and all of his releases. 26 million streams worldwide only proves that fact. His new single, out today, is titled “Tired,” and if anyone is actually tired, it’s Alt Bloom’s fans. Why? Because they are busy running to every streaming platform the second there’s a new release.

“Tired” encompasses the very best of Alt Bloom’s captivating and sensational sound. There is an essence of late nineties indie rock found intertwined with slick R&B stylings and a wistful pop flair. Clever lyrics are written, sung, and produced in a way that they need to be paid attention to. If you miss them, it’s imperative you throw yourself back into the track for a second, third, or fourth listen. 

This song, and much of the artist’s catalog, is rooted in moments. Listeners are transported to the moments, emotions, and memories that were utilized to create something so breathtaking.

The overarching dreamy, decade-spanning vibes Alt Bloom gives off are found immensely within this new single and are setting up for a spectacular new era. After a whirlwind 2020 including a critically acclaimed EP and some commendable collaborations, it might seem that this performer has a lot to prove to the world. He doesn’t, though. Alt Bloom has cemented his place in the industry and he is simply evolving within it and alongside his art.

What Alt Bloom has done throughout his steadily growing career is shift the narrative of what acoustic music sounds like and is interpreted as. Not always are acoustic tracks fully stripped down or boring, or even worse, lacking in musicality.

Every song Thompson has released, and especially “Tired,” flips that idea on its head. There is a robust, zealous, passionate undertone found beneath wonderfully elaborate instrumentation and true storyteller’s lyrics.