The Luka State’s New Video Allows Album Highlight To Shine

When The Luka State released their debut album earlier this year, they were immediately welcomed onto the music scene with open arms. The Brit-rockers were already on-the-rise in the UK and had just signed to AntiFragile Music. Their debut, Fall In Fall Out, was just the icing on the cake to their amazing career introduction. 

With three hit songs (“Bury Me” has over 3.5 million streams on Spotify alone… no big deal.) and a growing fan base, The Luka State are well on their way to being a truly authentic modern rock success. Every song released since their start is meant to be played at full volume at all times – bar none.

Unfortunately, like many artists and creatives during this time, the band wasn’t able to properly celebrate their debut album release like they had both hoped to and deserved to. The four-piece band were still adamant about doing something special for their first full-length album dropping, so they worked together to create something that was otherworldly. 

Otherworldly… as in, space? 

If Cheshire’s own Luka State couldn’t get any cooler, they just did. To line up with their album launch, they legitimately launched Lego versions of themselves up into space. These guys from across the pond are nothing short of creative geniuses and fun-loving musicians who take their craft ridiculously seriously. They should be proud of all of what they’ve done, including visiting space a lá Lego figurine. 

Keeping up with the momentum of the record and the growth of their rocking career, The Luka State decided to release yet another stellar music video for one of Fall In Fall Out’s fan favorites tracks. “[Insert Girl’s Name Here]” was, and is, a definite highlight on the record and something of a diamond in the rough. While the entire record is immersive and roaring, “[Insert Girl’s Name Here]” is on another level of brilliance and electricity. It is lyrically savvy and musically engaging, making it one of the best tracks on the record and, as of today, one of their greatest music videos.

It’s a simple, but effective set up. In the new music video, the band is performing; simply doing what they do best with a song that represents all of what they do and all of what they are capable of. What more could people want? 

As a camera circles the four members and gives a glimpse into their personal perspectives found within the song, fans are left feeling excited and warm. There is a level of intimacy and escapism within this song and alongside the overarching idea of branching out, trying new things, being adventurous, and loving life and the people you meet along the way. 

That, right there, is what takes this song to a whole new level. (An outer space level, possibly?) 

“Here we go again – she’s broken. I try to ease her worried mind, I said all softly spoken, ‘Everything will be alright,'” is one of the key lyrics. It’s raw and alluring, sung with grit and zeal in a lovely, but contradictory, harmonious way. There’s a fine line between melodic modern rock and vintage grunge, but this band is that line. It’s thin, but it’s both robust and punchy.

The Luka State’s frontman, Conrad Ellis, tells The Aquarian, “Whenever you make a music video it always feels like you’re standing to attention and putting yourself on display for the audience. With this video we wanted to feel like a stolen moment, like the audience isn’t supposed to see this side of us. We only ever play in a circle facing each other in rehearsals and it’s where we feel most at home as musical brothers, so we wanted to let the audience in to that experience.” 

“[Insert Girl’s Name Here],” as a music video and single, is available to stream alongside the rest of the hypnotizing rock and roll soundtrack that makes up The Luka State’s career thus far. You don’t want to miss out on a single sonic thing this band does as they kick off yet another much-needed, extra musical, British Invasion.