Alex Lyon

PREMIERE: ‘better than this’ Will Kickstart Your senses Obsession

LA’s senses dropped a new single last week, and as fans were beginning to add it to their springtime playlists and run up the number of streams, the duo were plotting to release its visual accompaniment. Today, it’s here. The music video for “better than this” is out now and The Aquarian is thrilled to be exclusively premiering it for those same fans of the song, the current fans of the buzzing pair, and the fans about to be made out of new listeners, viewers, and readers.

There’s an ease to both the song and its video – the simple, but effective, effortlessly relatable formula that indie rockers of all age can (and will) be captivated by. The song emulates the idea of growing up, getting out, overthinking, and owning the feelings you are feeling . It’s a tune that would make an early Paramore and Mayday Parade proud of how pop rock and pop punk has evolved – the drum-driven angst and heartfelt, personal values never changing.

Madison Taylor and Nick Sampson, the duo behind senses, this single, and this fantastic video infamously linked up via Craigslist and the rest is history. With all of this out in the world here and now and a tour supporting Charlotte Sands on the way, there is more to come, much to see, and lots of rocking out to do with senses.

For some quick fire insight into the world and roll-out of “better than this,” look below… but make sure to watch this fun new video first!

“better than this” is your first official single of 2024 following the “sleepwalking” remixes from earlier this year. What does this song in particular set up in terms of releases and things to come from senses?

“better than this” is a little different than what we usually write, but we just wanted to go with it because it made us feel something that we thought others could relate to. We have a ton of new music recorded and are going to start putting that out, so stay tuned!

What was the creative process behind the wonderfully and nostalgically stripped-down style music video? Did you have the vision ahead of time or did it come about closer to releasing the song itself as a single? 

We just wanted to make something fun and simple! We liked the idea of a singular framed shot and it cutting to us doing a bunch of different things as if we were trapped in this world. It came together really quickly and we even adjusted some ideas onsite. The director, Pat, is a good friend and we really trust his vision.

You’ve got two songs on Spotify’s “Pop Punk’s Not Dead” playlist and one on each of “All New Punk” and “The Scene.” Your music is being placed alongside blink-182, Frank Turner, Paramore, girlfriends, Neck Deep, and more – and it’s being served to fans of such. How does that make you feel? How do you wrap your head around that?

It’s really wild, actually [Laughs]. We love all of those bands and feel so honored to even be considered next to them!