Tombstones In Their Eyes’ Robust New Record

The world is just a handful of days away from the release of Tombstones In Their Eyes’ brand new, highly anticipated fifth album. And let us tell you, it’s hypotonic.

Do you know that carnival ride, the Tilt-A-Whirl? Imagine that you are going for a spin on it. You expect to be uncomfortable because it’s dizzying and fast in a way that is uncontrollable. Although, at the same time, you’re out at a carnival on a beautiful summer night as the sun is setting, so as dizzy as you are, you’re warm and elated. That is Tombstones In Their Eyes’ new record in a nutshell. It’s dizzying, distorted, and off-the-wall at times. It’s also a new and spectacular taste of what a modern shoegaze band with an experimental rock edge can do with the right tools and the perfect amount of passion.

Looking For A Light is this psychedelic rock band’s upcoming album. Out April 20th (which may or may not coincidentally be 4/20), the album is surprisingly soul-stirring and melodic for a mind-numbing piece of music. Each song has a garage band feel, but there’s a delicate approach within the distortion that highlights the professionalism this band has – no matter how down-and-dirty their sound is. 

Coming in at only eight tracks, this full-length record – the band’s fifth thus far – is a short-but-sweet interpretation of the journey to find love, be in love, and accept love. This message is interspersed between fuzzy psych-rock tracks and distant, mesmerizing melodies. 

Songs like “Ship On The Sea” and the album’s title track, “Looking For A Light,” breathe an air of comfort and intimacy into an album that is predominantly based around gritty soundscapes. Guitars echo each other and duel as if they were Star Wars lightsabers, but like lightsabers, their sound is bright and the style is eye-catching. Each guitar, whether it be a singular one in a song like “Hey” or multiple in a song like “Maze,” has a unique purpose that is fulfilled by playing it in such a fast-paced, trippy way.

Between layered vocals and interludes of instrumentation, the band dives knee deep into dangerous waters. These waters are filled with punk rock tendencies that a modern psych-rock band can’t compete with, but Tombstones In Their Eyes, in all their melancholy musicality and shoegaze influences, holds their head above water. This record is ready to fill a room and can be related to, and by, all rock lovers. It’s an effective and searing record with squeals and sparks of noise that you really can’t find anywhere else. Every song has an intriguing edge to it that makes it harsh, but also nostalgic. This is all in addition to the fresh, lovable style this band has, no matter how contradictory or unabashed it may be. 

The dynamics on Looking For A Light are both convoluted and harmonious, but that’s just who Tombstones In Their Eyes are. They are a trip on a Tilt-A-Whirl on a beautiful summer night that leaves you feeling dazed and confused, but still thrilled and fulfilled.