Nikki Sixx Proves That Whatever You’ve Done, You Can Get Out Alive

Everyone knows Nikki Sixx as the founder of one of the greatest bands from The Sunset Strip, Mötley Crüe, and the powerful Sixx: A.M. Sixx has done it all – from writing chart topping hits and traveling the globe to beating a crippling addiction and thriving with love, photography, and music. 

Perhaps you may have read about the sojourns in The Heroin Diaries, This Is Gonna Hurt, or The Dirt. I have buried myself in all of their pages. The base of the tree and its magnificent branches were visible, but the deeper roots were hidden. How did Frank Ferrana become Nikki Sixx? His evolution has been a mystery to me, until now. 

The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx is the origin story many have been waiting for. The book starts at Dodger Stadium with the crazy idea of planning a blockbuster tour and COVID-19 halting those plans temporarily. Sixx and his wife Courtney decided to relocate to Wyoming to provide a stable environment for their young daughter. While night fishing and exploring the area, he does a lot of reflecting and reminiscing. It turns out the ways of life aren’t much different than growing up in Idaho. 

The First 21 tells the story of an all-American boy who bounced from city to city with an assortment of family members living paycheck-to-paycheck most of the time. His obsession with rock and roll started by listening to the radio and the Jimmy Dean song “Big Bad John.” It grew even larger with records that his uncle would send from sunny California. It was clear to the young Feranna that becoming a musician was the only way out of Jerome. In fact, there’s a recipe to make your very own rock star at home. It’s rather fail proof, if you ask me. 

There are many poignant moments and stunning revelations. You’ll learn how he went from sweeping floors to selling out shows at The Starwood, the artists and authors who inspired him, the meaning behind the trademark black lines he wears onstage, how he ripped off everything from Johnny Thunders’ look to the name Nikki Sixx, and how James Caan almost lassoed him poolside. However, his determination to succeed is the real story. 

Not to be outdone, his band Sixx: A.M. is releasing standouts from their catalog and five unreleased tracks and mixes. The compilation titled Hits is the musical companion to the memoir. You’ll find that both will move you in more ways than one. 

The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx by Nikki Sixx is published by Hachette Books and is set to release tomorrow, October 19.