Ehud Lazin

Maggie Rogers Left Us Speechless – A NYC Gallery

Guest appearances, feather boas, beautiful flowers, and the richest vocals you’ve ever heard – the New York City stop of the Feral Joy Tour in a nutshell.

Maggie Rogers at Radio City Music Hall. Need we say more?

Actually, yes.

Maggie Rogers performed at Radio City Music Hall to a sold out crowd and brought out David Byrne for a special performance – one that the star herself loved almost more than the audience did.

We could go on and on as to how and why and what we loved wholeheartedly about this concert on the night of February 15, but the title of this piece rings true: we were rendered speechless out of true, cheerful awe. Photographer Ehud Lazin was in attendance, so we are certain that the combination of his talent with Maggie’s can do the talking for us.

Photos by Ehud Lazin