Ehud Lazin

Bush’s Onstage Utopia Returns

Bush live in concert? Let’s do it all over again.

One month ago, on February 18, Bush played Hammerstein Ballroom and New York City was lit up with rockers of all ages running to the midtown venue to catch their favorite songs live. Lucky for them (and us), they are coming back to New York in just another month for another thrilling show on April 30 at The Paramount. As they prepare to shine once again in our area – Huntington, Long Island, this time – we revisit Ehud Lazin’s visceral, visual coverage for The Aquarian, which included jaw-dropping shots of the supporting acts: Devora (returning with them next month) and Candlebox.


Photos by Ehud Lazin


Photos by Ehud Lazin


Photos by Ehud Lazin