Ehud Lazin

Super Muse at The Garden

Shot by Ehud Lazin on March 17, Muse fans took over the famed NYC venue alongside One OK Rock and Evanescence for a great show.

If you’ve ever felt the floors of Madison Square Garden shake before the headliner even took the stage, you know you’re in for a good show – a show worthy of the memories made and money spent. From beginning to end, St. Patrick’s Day at MSG was savored by the appropriately lucky music lovers and concert enthusiasts who were spending the evening there. One OK Rock opened, Evanescence supported, and Muse headlined. Each act expanded on the energy, excitement, and rocking roar of the one before it. Fan favorites and hit singles filled the room from all three bands, which solidified the fact that everyone was going to be on their feet the whole night and making the floors shake. This is far from a complaint, though, and the photos below prove it.

One OK Rock

Photos by Ehud Lazin


Photos by Ehud Lazin


Photos by Ehud Lazin