Ali Fitzgerald

JORDY Dazzles NYC With a Bright, Daring, Colorful Performance at Irving Plaza

You couldn’t make it through the early 2000s without “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” by Nine Days taking over your car radio. That same feeling was replicated on everyone’s TikTok feeds in early 2023 when JORDY’s version of the song blew up.

“Story of a Boy” was the lead single off of JORDY’s sophomore album, BOY, which came out on April 21. A week prior to its release, we had the pleasure of catching the rising star at Irving Plaza.

Spencer Sutherland’s In His Mania Tour was the perfect stage for JORDY to support and shine. The energy of the crowd was in perfect balance with his own. It was immediately clear that JORDY was no stranger to performing. (After all, he’d spent 2022 playing various festivals and Pride events.)

We’ve been seeing this re-emergence of the early 2000s through fashion and culture everywhere, so it’s no shock that we’re seeing it dominate music, too. On stage, JORDY radiated that Y2K popstar energy that we’ve all been begging to have back. In fact, if he stays on course, he could easily join the legendary ranks of ‘00s queens like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

The clear difference, though, is that JORDY isn’t an “it girl” by any means. Instead, JORDY is the gay pop star of our dreams, and we saw that on April 14.

Photos by Ali Fitzgerald

As obvious as that is, it’s not the only thing that sets him apart. JORDY isn’t a standout because of his gender or sexuality, but because his talent brings a bold energy into conventional pop music. He dares to defy that stereotype and leans into independent, upbeat, and colorful stardom through glitz, glam, and relatable songs about ghosts of boyfriends’ past. His music gives off dreamy indie vibes while pulling in certain elements of bedroom pop.

His vocals alone are beyond impressive. Though, we can’t lie – after seeing him live we’re praying his voice doesn’t fry out. His ability to give such a high-energy performance that showcases his vocal range night after night is a testament to his willpower and talent. Not many artists can do it like he can, so we hope he protects that for years to come.

As a result, JORDY is on track to be the next big thing in music. BOY’s release only served to prove that, especially considering that his song “IDK SH!T” has already risen to two million streams on Spotify (and counting).

The cherry on top of the night was watching JORDY on stage with an original from that infamous 2000s music scene: John Hampson, lead singer of Nine Days and writer of the aforementioned hit, “Story of a Girl.” He joined JORDY to perform the new version of the song together, and we know that “Story of a Boy” is a song that every queer kid back then needed. Now they have it.

Going to a JORDY show is a strange mix of living in the present and stepping through a portal back in time. On the one hand, you’re filled with nostalgia. On the other, you’re getting a glimpse into the future of the music industry. With that balance, JORDY leaves fans new and old with a feeling of hope and happiness.