Fascinating, Blended Pop Punk – A New Violet’s EP Track-by-Track

Alternative with catchy hooks and punchy riffs, this up-and-coming band fights hard for its place in the industry, and, ultimately, we think this new release of theirs is what they needed to find it.

Fiery and fresh were the first two words to come to mind after listening to the new EP from A New Violet. The Floridan foursome are raising their fists and encouraging listens to join in with The Heat is Getting Hotter. Frontwoman Beth Vandal drives home each and evert poignant lyric. (Her charged vocals are just the icing on the cake.) She describes the meaning behind each of the new tracks out today for the following track-by-track interview. Check it out, take a listen, and get excited!


“‘Runaway’ is the song that started it all. It happened after a falling out I had with my best friend. I needed a creative outlet and was eager to start songwriting again.”

“Let Go”

“This one brings so many feelings of nostalgia for us since so much has happened during the process of this song being written. The first verse laid the foundation for the rest of the lyrics to come to life.”

“Over Again”

“This song was meant to be a hard hitter and less pop for the album. It’s like the sequel to Runaway. You could mistake the lyrics, ‘I’m done with caring’ with ‘I’m done with Karen,’ which is the message of the song.”


“Every punk band needs a song about not conforming to society, authority, the system, government, whatever it is that makes you want to rebel. This is our anthem!

“This is My Life”

“The message in this song is don’t give up! We wanted people to remember that there is a reason you are here and you will find your way out of that deep place – just look for the signs.”

“The End”

“When you look back on a failed relationship and start to realize you dodged a bullet and are better off without them.”