Ehud Lazin

Photographing the Best (Dave Matthews Band) At the Best (Madison Square Garden)


Although that is a fairly decipherable ‘equation,’ we’ll put it in more journalistic terms: When the Dave Matthews Band is in New York City, that means heading out to them live at Madison Square Garden, inevitably, where they will put on a show that you’ll never forget (as they always do). Simple, right?

Dave Matthews Band is anything but simple, actually, as they are known to sprinkle artistic and innovative musicianship into conventional rock and roll songs. It is what makes them such grand headliner, such room-fillers, and such a beloved rock outfit. Year after year their narrative, acoustic stylings get better and the band members somehow get more in sync – not matter how standout their individual, eclectic talents are. DMB rocks the world with contemporary harmony, impressively and sonically on a 20+ song setlist, so the notable curved ceilings of MSG are just the perfect setting to hold it all in. (And photograph, as well, as seen below on November 17. Shoutout to another one of the best: Ehud Lazin!)


Photos by Ehud Lazin