Ehud Lazin

TOOL & The Big Picture(s)

Tool’s MSG takeover last weekend featured Elder and some of NYC’s finest fans.

When it comes to a Tool concert, a Tool tour, what is the big picture? Because, believe it or not, it is not just groovy riffs and thunderous drums, and it’s certainly much more than the light show that works in tandem with those beats (albeit amazingly, technologically produced). The night is one of prestigious progressive metal, elongated jams, and a crowd that is as cool and grounded as it is ready to rip the roof off the place. In this instance, that ‘place’ was the Most Famous Arena in the World: Madison Square Garden.

The Garden opened its doors for two nights – both chilly, flurry-filled January evenings, and both completely sold-out – on January 12 and 13. The latter show was ours for the taking, and we lived it up from start to finish with Elder’s raucous rock shenanigans and masterful, head-banging setlist up first and Tool’s even more raucous, even more masterful set following. It was exciting, electric in more ways than one, and everything fans could have dreamed of. Feel free to live through the following photos, as well as the close-ups from earlier this week, or relive (if you were lucky enough to be part of action, live, in the moment, and in the packed house).


Photos by Ehud Lazin



Photos by Ehud Lazin