Ehud Lazin

Primus, Puscifier, & A Perfect Circle Slay the Opening of Forest Hills Stadium’s 2024 Season

SESSANTA, consisting of bands Primus, Puscifier, and A Perfect Circle, was the electric (and eclectic) way of re-opening Forest Hills Stadium for the summer concert season at large. The venue in Queens was litup by not just rock and roll, fans and friends alike, and three killer bands on stage at once, but the birthday of multi-hyphenate frontman Maynard James Keenan. On April 17, the musician turned 60 – a milestone birthday. Everyone came together on this evening on May 4 for a variety of reasons, yet the belated celebration – complete with a piñata – of Keenan was the most memorable for everyone present.

Photographer extraordinaire Ehud Lazin caught that and more for us:


Photos by Ehud Lazin