The second (and hopefully last) of a couple of tribute albums by guitar virtuoso Michael Angelo Batio features a number of medleys of songs by some of Batio’s favorite artists played note-perfect except for some of Batio’s unique solos.

Either Batio did not think of reimagining any of the songs he covers, which range from Pantera to Eric Clapton to Megadeth, or his idea of doing so is to simply play really fucking fast over the song’s original parts. Even as a guitar nerd I found this incredibly obnoxious.
The band, as you would expect, is rock solid, featuring drummer Joe Babiak and vocalist Warren Dunleavy, Jr. , who sings on each track and to his credit imitates the voices of Phil Anselmo, Clapton, David Lee Roth, Dave Mustaine and more. Unfortunately, this record is nothing more than dull reproduction.

I’m not going to deny that Batio is a brilliant guitar player and has put out some stellar instrumental material over the years (see 1995’s No Boundaries), in addition to some really informative instructional columns and videos. However, this bland piece of guitar wankery does not fit in.

Would you pay $14.95 to hear Pink Floyd tribute band, The Machine, play The Wall when you could just listen to the original? Sure it’s cool to see them live, but that’s only because you’ll never see the real thing. I’m sure that it would be great for Batio fans to see him perform a couple of these medleys live, but on CD, why settle for anything less than the original?

In A Word: Why?

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  1. Shredhead

    I’m sorry but this reviewer obviously didn’t listen to this CD. The singer does not even remotely sound like Eric Clapton. Yes, he captures some of the other singers spot on, but not Clapton. And the Clapton track is at the beginning of the CD! Speaking of which, MAB’s version of Clapton called “Clapton is God” is amazing. Orchestral intro, great solo, heartfelt vocals. This is not a CD from a tribute band like the idiot reviewer said. I love this CD. I am a huge MAB fan and this album does not disappoint at all. Great production, great playing, great vocals, great songs done MAB’s way. Don’t listen to this reviewer. He’s clueless.

  2. Goyankees

    I have the CD and it’s very good. I don’t believe the “D” rating is warranted. It leads me to believe the reviewer only listened to a small percentage of the CD. And no mention of Michael’s original “On The Double” either. “Why” didn’t Andrew listen to the CD in it’s entirety? It’s obvious that he didn’t. And as for a “dull reproduction” that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  3. Shantanu

    This reviewer obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I almost feel stupid for dignifying him with a comment. Dull production? Tribute band? Dude, are you fucking deaf?

  4. Kaaos

    Everyone has their own opinion, especially about music and that’s fine, but sometimes I wish music reviewers didn’t speak as though their view is the ‘right’ view because more than often the reviewers are dead WRONG.

    While this album isn’t breaking new ground, or new material for that matter; the answer to the reviewer’s big question “why?”… lol.. FOR FUN and because he can!

    I enjoy this album and I have fun listening to some of Batio’s favorite tunes because they’re some of my favs too, so it’s kinda cool to know Batio enjoys these tunes, can play them note for note and totally shred over the melodic parts, lol, I do the same thing at home, with my guitar & favorite tunes. :P


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