Bill Popp And The Tapes: 25X30

A true veteran in the music world, Bill Popp is a man who needs no introduction. Since he was a boy, he always knew that he wanted to grow up and be a musician. Joined by The Tapes, Popp sings and plays keyboards for the pop/rock band. Celebrating 25 years of the Daddy Tapes Benefit and 30 years of The Tapes, the collection 25X30 was released in March.

A new song, “Sally Works In A Chinese Take Out” is the first listing. Like many of the tracks on here, this one is melodic, joyous and upbeat. While declaring his love for a girl, the romantic “Sure Hope She Shows,” features impressive acoustic guitar work from Gerry Barnas. Arguably the best song on the disc is “Paradise.” It contains an electric guitar, an extremely catchy melody and together, they go flawlessly with Popp’s talented vocals.

By calling a woman a liar and a “clueless bitch,” Bill gets a bit emotional on the longest track, “To Build A Wall.” If I heard the keyboard heavy “Stone To Throw” on the radio, I would swear that it was an R.E.M song. Simply put, it’s a phenomenal tune. Other noteworthy tracks included are “Just Say Love,” “Go With The Flow” and one of their first big hits, “Floating On A Tear Drop.” After a whopping 19 tracks, there are a few bonus listings such as “Bill Popp Interview: History Of The Tapes” and “Alone In The Moonlight (Live at Max’s Kansas City July 1981).”

If you’re looking for a cheerful, harmonious disc to listen to, look no further than this one. These guys can make you rock out and put a smile on your face.

In A Word: Catchy