Austin-based trio the Shivery Shakes have their new release ready to share. Despite their roots in Texas, the musicians have an overextending ambiance on the record that will make you feel like you’re on a beach in California in the ‘50s. Complete with album artwork of a milkshake and waves and a newly announced West Coast exclusive tour, I have no doubt that this theme is intentional.

Heightening ambiance and adding layers of sound is the percussion added by Marcus Haddon. Haddon teams with William Glosup to provide the vocals, which results in a close harmony between the voices. The unique feature of the vocals is their muffled, fuzzed quality, locking in the album’s retro feel. Glosup is responsible for many other instruments on the record including guitars, bass, piano, and vibes. Also playing bass is Andrew Penmer. The music is kept light and airy and lyrics simple; this is pure pop music.

Starting us off, “Recurring Dreams” is a fun, upbeat song with energy and psychedelic melodies. A song about ended summer love, “Take It Back” has a recurring guitar lick that is incredibly catchy and features cool guitar riffs. The best part about “Remember When” is the percussion and guitar exchange in the latter half of the song that finishes off with spirited clapping. In what sounds like the end of a joyous day, “Time Will Tell” closes the tracklist with a mixture of bittersweet arrangements ambiguously mixing lively guitar with solemn vocal arrangements.

These songs are pure fun, but with some attentive listening you’ll find interesting vocal delivery and small details in instrumentation. My only critique is to develop a greater varying soundscape, as they did in “Time Will Tell.” Their take on retro pop is delightfully developed yet maintains a youthful spirit.

In A Word: Amusing

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