Disturbed: Nu Metal Godfathers

Disturbed, are putting out another album that doesn’t have “Down with the Sickness” on it; however, they’re sure to play that song alongside Avenged Sevenfold on the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Fest. Frat boys and kids too young to remember MTV will rock out until the concert is over …

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March of Dimes: Bikers for Babies

March of Dimes: Bikers for Babies is an event that will take place on Thurs. Aug. 29 at the Staten Island Mall. The event looks to raise awareness and fight birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Dee Snider, the national spokesman for Bikers for Babies, will play …

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The Binary Code: Computer Savvy Metal

The Binary Code writes crushing heavy metal songs that are technical and brutal. It’s as if every riff and scream channels the anger and frustration of a million computer programmers, or worse, a million technical support workers. The band has just released a new EP titled Priest, and they …

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Dystrophy: Chains of Hypocrisy

There are few metal bands that can truly create an engaging sound and sustain it throughout an entire album. There are even fewer bands that bring an energy and focus to that sound and give it everything they’ve got. Dystrophy happen to accomplish both admirably and listening to their album, …

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Black Mountain: Wilderness Heart

It’s Xmas Eve and you still haven’t gotten a present for your mother. You’ve been racking your brain for hours trying to come up with something good, something she’ll like and use and be happy with. Alas, nothing comes to mind and you turn, head lowered, to walk away in …

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Voodoo Terror Tribe: The Evil Dead

Heavy metal band Voodoo Terror Tribe has just released their new album, Symptoms of Sin, and is playing a handful of shows in support of it. Will there be an army of zombies raised from the dead and attracted to the shows like that one Dethklok episode? Who knows …

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Marshall Tucker Band: The Mouth of the South

Legendary Southern rockers the Marshall Tucker Band are on tour. If you’re feeling low and think you should let them rock you before you “Take the Highway.” Just tell your old lady, “See You Later, I’m Gone”, jump in your Vista Cruiser, and catch them at Joey Harrison’s Surf Club

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Brandon Flowers: Glam Rock Superman

The guy who sang “Mr. Brightside,” Brandon Flowers, will be embarking on a tour in support of his debut solo album, Flamingo. Brandon will be wearing a suit with glitter provided by the vampires from Twilight and it may just be revealed that he is in fact, Lady …

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Stereo Total: Electric Feel

Stereo Total is a French electronica pop duo that writes bizarre, weightless pop songs. With quirky wordplay and bizarre album titles such as Ouh, Baby!, it would be easy to mistake the group for a J pop band. The band is currently in the middle of their world tour …

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Apocalyptica: Metal Mozarts

Symphonic metal band Apocalyptica have been standing out in the rock world for over a decade. Their hard rock songs, textured with cello and piano, make you feel like you’re at a classical music concert, if that concert was also capable of totally melting faces. The band is currently on …

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