Fox in the Henhouse: Fox in the Henhouse EP

Fox in the Henhouse is a quirky, seemingly pretentious musical duo that’s equal parts theatrics and hipster quirk. On their self-titled EP the band manages to come across as amateurs who think they’re in a position to get away with not caring about what their music sounds like. Thoroughly irritating, there is no redeeming quality to any of the songs on the recording.

The first track, “Up (Change),” is a disgusting exercise in being ironically campy and throwing all regard for musicality to the wind. It’s like the duo set out to make a version of Say Anything’s “…Is a Real Boy” but instead of taking on scene politics, decided to embrace the problems with it. Singer Ryan Escolopio spends most of his time sounding like a more nasal version of the singer from Ludo. So much so in fact that I’m surprised Victory records haven’t snatched these guys up yet.

There is one good thing about this CD though, despite its shortcomings. It makes a great coaster. If you purchase this, (we’ll assume it was an accident and you actually meant to purchase Ludo), try resting your favorite beverage on either the CD or case. Don’t worry about spilling; it can only enhance the music.

In a word: Worthless