Clerical Person Needed

Office/Clerical PT: Clerical person needed from Monday-Friday, $600.00 weekly. Computer skills, customer service skills, some cash & items handling skills. Apply:

Posted: 01/20/2017  |  Area: Bands / Musicians, Classifieds, Help Wanted

HELP WANTED In Circulation Department

Arts Weekly is looking for part-time help in its circulation area. The territory includes sections of Bergen and Passaic Counties, but could expand to other areas. Basic details include servicing existing retail accounts and developing new outlets. Our publications include a weekly newspaper, biyearly magazine and various flyers. Light transportation needed. Call Bob Parts at 973-812-6766 or fax credentials to 973-812-5420.

Posted: 01/09/2017  |  Area: Audio Equipment, Bands / Musicians, Classifieds, Help Wanted
Looking To Increase Your Social Media Presence For Your Band?

MoonDreams Media will guide you towards successful social networking. Susan – 908-415-9945

Posted: 08/30/2016  |  Area: Classifieds, Help Wanted

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