Shoreworld: Spoondrift – When I Close My Eyes

Shoreworld: Spoondrift – When I Close My Eyes

I’ve known Tommy Fuller for several years and have featured him here in Shoreworld in the past. Tommy Fuller and musical partner Jan Heywood are Spoondrift.

Jan Heywood got his musical start in the family, taking up piano before ditching that for guitar and eventually gravitating toward bluegrass, learning banjo and mandolin. One thing led to another as he joined a band and started shopping labels. He ended up recording at The Hit Factory and The Record Plant, striking up friendships with A&R honchos from Columbia Records who started using him on recordings of artists that they were thinking of signing. After a while, Heywood decided that the country life was for him and moved to a 240-acre farm in the Ozark Mountains. It was while he was here that he met and played with several members of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, delving into rock and bluegrass. At one point he returned to the East Coast to take care of family, and that’s where he hooked up with Tommy Fuller.

Fuller has also had an interesting background when it comes to musical journey. Fuller is a songwriter that has been behind some of the industry’s most important discoveries and time …

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