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Between & Beyond: Cultural Observer

French philosopher Jacques Derrida was concerned with binary thinking. He noticed this tendency as a fundamental aspect of the Western worldview. Often, our understanding is based on the pairing of two opposing concepts. We know what “light” is because we have the concept of “dark” to compare it to. The…

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Reality Check: Hammer Time For Joe Cool – For Good Or Ill, President Displays Lame Duck Balls

If the president’s first post-election press conference is any indication, there’s a new sheriff in town. Those are the sounds a man makes when he no longer has to run for office. It is powerful, even majestic, if not terrifying. Makes the most fearless among us truly understand the lofty position

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Deleted Scenes: The Couch

Every family has its symbols, its emblems. Whether they’re emblazoned on a crest on Game Of Thrones—the lions, stags, and so on—or whether there’s just an image that comes to your mind when you close your eyes, it’s there. It’s obvious. You already know it.

When I was a child,…

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Weird NJ Halloween: Tales From Bloomfield, Flemington, and Alstede Farms

Can We Live Here?

Something’s In The House In Bloomfield

I live in Bloomfield and yesterday morning my folks were going to Pennsylvania to the casino. They usually don’t wake me to tell me they’re leaving. I’m sleeping upstairs and around 8:30 AM I heard something that woke me…

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Your Ultimate Guide To The 2013 CBGB Festival

In 1973, on Bleecker Street in the borough of Manhattan, a man named Hilly Kristal founded what was to be one of the most iconic and awe-inspiring music venues in the world. Originally intended to showcase bands of the Country, BlueGrass and Blues progression, as the selected name would…

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Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Swim.

Local rockers, we are together again! These weeks seem so long that we are apart, and Wednesday has certainly become my favorite day of the week. So, let’s kick it off with some more exciting things that have been happening on the local front. My friends in Brick +…

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Out Of Bounds: 2013 NBA Preview – Part I

Preseason basketball got underway this weekend, and later this month, the regular season begins. For the first of two special editions in Out Of Bounds, we break down every team in the Western Conference. In the list below, you’ll find details about each franchise in the talent-driven West. I’ve…

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Rant ‘N’ Roll: Genre Hopping

Seven new CDs, seven genres, the best of the pile in one fell swoop.

FUNK: Funk Road (Catbone/MVD Audio) by Mutiny is commandeered by longtime Parliament/Funkadelic drummer “Bigfoot” Brailey whose worldview goes beyond George Clinton’s to incorporate soul, electro, rap and jazz.

JAZZ: Trios (ECM), by pianist/composer Carla Bley,…

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Kam on Film: ‘Gravity,’ ‘Captain Phillips’ and What’s New In Theaters


Warner Brothers

Rated PG-13 for intense peril, disturbing images and brief strong profanity

Astronauts Struggle To Survive Shuttle Disaster In Harrowing Outer Space Thriller

Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) is set to retire following a distinguished career as a NASA astronaut. The veteran captain is currently in command of…

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Local Noise: Amanda Fama

Singer-songwriter Amanda Fama chose the name Here To Stay for her recently released debut album. The title has a double meaning, in that while it comes from a song she wrote about a summer love, it also reflects the fact that she intends that both she and her music…

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