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Reality Check: Keith Richards At 70

Although it was a shock when it actually happened, nobody was really that surprised. Everybody knows people that you just have a feeling about them that they’re not going to be 70 years old…ever. Not everybody makes it.

—Keith Richards on Brian Jones’ death in 1969


I recently…

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What It Do: The Set-Up

During the financial crisis of 2008, a tsunami of home foreclosures—mostly from within the subprime lending market—caused seemingly apocalyptic toil among the financial markets, even causing the venerable investment firm, Lehman Brothers Holdings, to crumble into a cloud of bankruptcy and destroyed wealth.

For those unfamiliar with subprime lending, it…

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Between & Beyond: Consuming Ideas

What do we do? There’s no shortage of voices floating around telling us what to think or feel when it comes to political issues. There’s no shortage of debates about who is wrong or right or who is dumb or superior. So, I mean, seriously, what do we do? Let’s…

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Deleted Scenes: My Sober Year

A couple weeks back—it was either Dec. 6 or 7, I can’t remember which because check out what a big deal it isn’t—I passed one whole year without imbibing an alcoholic beverage.

I’m not in A.A., no 12 steps, friend of Bill Whoever, etc. Nothing against that if it’s your…

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Shoreworld: Sean Marshall’s New EP; Danny Coleman’s Rock On Radio

Sean Marshall – Anchor Sleep

Sean Marshall is best known for his substantial lead guitar and harmony talents with Monmouth County up-and-comers Lightning Jar. Marshall’s penchant for description and his painstakingly detailed formulation of sound are the attention-grabbing vessels used on his latest EP, Anchor Sleep.

Marshall demonstrates why…

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Out Of Bounds: Stopping Mighty Mouse?

Closing out the year with a bang, the UFC has two star-studded events remaining in 2013. We’ll preview the Chris Weidman/Anderson Silva rematch in two weeks—the gigantic Dec. 28 pay-per-view bash also features Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate and Josh Barnett vs. Travis Browne—but for now, it’s time to…

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Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Beyond Dishonor

My local friends, we meet again! The holidays are quickly approaching, shopping has begun and, of course, bands are wrapping up the year with some amazing shows! This week, I am going to talk about a head-banging, fist-throwing, mosh-making group that has had quite some success as of late.…

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Movie Buff’s Buyers Guide – Part 2


I have to admit that I’m starting to burn out on the superhero/superhuman action hero trend in Hollywood, but that being said, there have been some great films in that genre coming out.

Superior to its predecessor, The Wolverine finds Hugh Jackman comfortably returning to the role…

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Rant ‘N’ Roll: Elvis Costello Doesn’t Need A Band

Sauntering out onto the stage of the State Theatre in Easton, Pennsylvania, Elvis Costello was impressed. “This place is beautiful,” he gushed. “When was it built?” “1873,” someone shouted out and they were right. The building, starting out as a rather grandiose bank, is a historical landmark in an…

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Kam On Film: ‘Inside Llewyn Davis,’ ‘Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey’ and What’s New In Theaters

Inside Llewyn Davis

CBS Films

Rated R for profanity and some sexual references

Coen Bros. Musical Chronicles A Week In The Life Of Fledgling Folksinger

It’s Greenwich Village in the middle of the winter of 1961, and Llewyn Davis (Oscar Issac) is so down on his luck…

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