Shoreworld: Anton Roolaart – The Plight Of Lady Oona

When I reviewed Anton Roolaart’s 2007 Dreamer, I quickly understood that this was no middle of the road commercial artist following tried and true formulas for corporate success. Steeped in the imagery of the Middle Ages, Anton mixed the visionary storytelling styles of original Renaissance writers Keith Relf and …

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JDM Vs. The World: Letting Go Of ‘Lost’

(WARNING: Heavy spoilers and a large number of words to follow.)

I was a big fan of Lost.

I use the word “was” here not to suggest that, like seemingly everyone else in the world, my like for the show ended the moment I realized I hated the ending …

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Maria’s Local Radar: The Lies

Locals, we meet again. Wednesday is upon us, and it’s time to chat music. By the way, where did this month go? Does it feel like summer to you, because I sure as hell am still wearing sneakers. What does a girl have to do to bust out some flip-flops? …

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Rant ‘N’ Roll: Buckle Your Seat Belt

NEW YORK, NY—The crowd at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on 47th Street got into a time machine to go back to 1932 and revel in the “jungle music” of The Duke Ellington Orchestra. Deep in the heart of Harlem, The Cotton Club was the slightly dangerous mob-run destination for whites …

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MedioXcore: Allowing Your Interests To Be Your Inspiration

I Climbed Into A Big Van Full Of Stuff And Headed To Vermont With Black Metal Band Hæthen Earlier This Month And Got To See Firsthand What They’re Passionate About.


As stated above, I kicked off the month of May in a van full of gear on a nine-hour …

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Kam On Film: ‘Godzilla,’ ‘Breastmilk’ and What’s New In Theaters


Warner Brothers

Rated PG-13 for intense violence and scenes off destruction

Legendary Sea Monster Resurfaces As Anthropomorphic Ally Of Humanity

Godzilla made its debut in 1954 when the mythical, man-eating monster, inadvertently created by an atomic blast, emerged from the Pacific Ocean to carve a path of death and …

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Between & Beyond: Net Neutrality

Don’t mourn the loss of the internet. It’s already dead. The FCC has voted in favor of the so-called internet “fast-lanes” which would allow service providers to charge content providers extra for access to the exclusive high speed and therefore mean better/unequal performance for those who can afford it. This …

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Reality Check: Rob Astorino Takes The Stage

Republican Candidate For Governor Of New York On The Road Less Traveled


The Rye Town Hilton or the Westchester Hilton at Rye or whatever they’re calling this behemoth by the Hudson these days was packed with over 400 Republican delegates from across New York State to officially nominate my …

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20 Must-See Bands At Skate And Surf

Beginning in 2001 as a small music festival in Asbury Park, Skate And Surf gradually grew into The Bamboozle Festival over the next couple years. However, the last Bamboozle was in 2012, and now Skate And Surf is back. While Skate And Surf is a day shorter and features less …

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Shoreworld: Jersey Shore Festival Gives It All Away

The mid-1800s statement from the ironically gullible David Hannum, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” has never rung truer than it does in today’s entertainment business. With major music festival costs rising into brackets that even a Kennedy would balk at, it’s become both complex and economically ridiculous for many …

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