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JDM Vs. The World: America – Opting Out

Sometimes people move. Sometimes they move close, like down the street or the other side of the neighborhood. And sometimes people move further away, like the next town over, the next state over, or sometimes across the country.

Sometimes people move out of the country. Sometimes they move across the…

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Reality Check: Grapefruit Circus Blows Through Town

Florida’s Reality Show Kangaroo Trial Achieves Maximum Effect  

A spectacular bevy of ridiculous bullshit has gone down in the now-approaching 17 years I’ve penned this column. I have been forced to write about more than a few of them—the last one being the whole Donald Trump pay-attention-to-me-I-have-money-and-a-tv-show-otherwise-I’m-the-guy-you-try-and-avoid-while-getting-on-the-subway-screaming-that-aliens-have-lodged-a-brain-washing-device-in-my-rectum media blitz.…

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What It Do: Eye Of The Beholder

“Did you see that gorilla testify at that Traybond (sic) Martin trial?” the beer delivery guy—a nondescript white dude with graying hair and a giant beer gut—asked the clerk.

The 20-something attendant smirked, his acne-scared face folding in on itself, and replied, “Someone probably told her that’s where the welfare…

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Deleted Scenes: Yes, Really

I know The Narrative (blessings and peace be upon it) says that once America elected a (half) black president, the race problem vanished forever, but you’ll have to pardon my assertion that we all knew that was bunk from the word go. So when it comes to all the surprise…

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Bar Time: Lee’s Hawaiian Islander – An Urban Oasis

Did you ever have the feeling that you just needed to get away from it all for a while, leave the workaday world behind and languish in the soft tropical breezes of some far away South Pacific island paradise? If so, don’t bother calling your Liberty Travel agent and…

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Out Of Bounds: …And Washed The Spider Out

The sports world generally tends to slow down a bit after the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup playoffs conclude in June until preseason football gets underway in August. That hasn’t been the case this year, however, as we’ve seen fantastic Wimbledon finales, a man “win” by consuming more than…

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Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Ether Sunday & SIOS

Locals, it’s about that time again. What’s more fun than talking about music, honestly? Well, you may all be able to think of some things, but I am stumped! This week, I am going to talk about two bands completely different in style, sound and genre. I’m sure they’ve…

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Rant ‘N’ Roll: Musikfest Is Coming

Every year ‘round this time I go boppin’ down the streets with my belly full of sweet red wine sampling the culinary delights of numerous countries (I’m partial to those Greek sandwiches) as I stick my head in concert after concert all happening within minutes of each other…every imaginable…

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Local Noise: Billy Hector

Not many local musicians can truly be called “legend.” But blues guitar virtuoso Billy Hector can certainly be given that title. He’s been at the forefront of the Jersey Shore music scene, going back to his days leading bands at famed venues such as Mrs. Jay’s and The Stone…

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Kam On Film: ‘Despicable Me 2′ ‘Fruitvale Station’ and What’s New In Theaters

Despicable Me 2

Universal Pictures

Rated PG for crude humor and mild action

Action-Packed Animated Sequel Finds Reformed Gru Joining Forces With Anti-Villain League

When we last saw Gru (Steve Carell), the diabolical bad guy had abandoned his plan to steal the moon and turned over a new…

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