Between & Beyond: Coke

During the recent Super Bowl, Coca-Cola ran an ad in which the song “America The Beautiful” was sung in several different languages. The next day, a bunch of blogs reported on the fact that a heinous flood of response showed up on Twitter after the commercial aired. I guess one …

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Deleted Scenes: Amid Shenanigans

I’ll make this as brief as I can.

As I write, it’s just after two in the morning on a Sunday night, and I am in Portland, Oregon, traveling with a band who played tonight at the Hawthorne Theatre here. It was a good show. Afterwards, groupthink led to a …

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Shoreworld: Boyd USA; TechTestFour

Boyd USA – 7:am

I met Sal Boyd a few times and remember a seasoned demeanor and a knowledgeable musician who held his own when it came to talking music with jaded guys like me. So I was unquestionably acceptable when I was asked to attend a show at The …

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Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Paris Under Fire

I have been trying to focus on some brand spanking new groups that have been hitting the market hard and really need an extra push. It’s amazing to me just how many bands have been forming throughout the last couple of months. However, judging by their rabid fanbases and heavy …

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MedioXcore: Adam Gnade’s Top Five DIY Tips!

More and more lately, I’m seeing you guys doing-it-yourselves within your respective music scene(s), and it makes my heart happy. You’re feeling and learning your way around and recording your own records, booking your own tours, managing yourselves. Some of you have branched out to opening your own studios and …

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Rant ‘N’ Roll: American Treasures

Marshall Crenshaw played John Lennon in Broadway’s Beatlemania. He played Buddy Holly in the La Bamba movie. His 1982 eponymous debut is still one of the Top 10 greatest rock ‘n’ roll debut albums in history, a primal bass/drums/guitar statement that stayed on the charts for six months and …

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Kam On Film: ‘About Last Night,’ ‘Holy Ghost People’ and What’s New In Theaters

About Last Night

Screen Gems

Rated R for profanity, sexuality, nudity and brief drug use

Kevin Hart Spearheads Raunchy Remake Of Romantic Romp

Released in 1986, About Last Night revolved around the yearlong effort of a couple of Chicago yuppies (played by Rob Lowe and Demi Moore) to forge a …

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Between & Beyond: Energy

Living in upstate New York, hydrofracking is at the forefront of concern and action. In case you are still unfamiliar, fracking (as it’s known) is the process by which energy companies drill holes deep into the earth and by somewhat mysterious means break apart shale formations thus releasing natural gas. …

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Reality Check: Bubba, Waste Management & Progeny Of The Walrus (with Guest Columnist Tiddal McStevens)

Editor’s Note: After a spate of fruitless haggling, the following was sent to The Reality Check News & Information Desk on the early morning hours of the ninth day of February, 2014. An angry directive from Mr. Campion to “Send to press anything that lunatic McStevens can muster” was soon

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Deleted Scenes: Your Passion

I got hit up today by a freelance cartoonist looking to have his work published and gave him the standard answer: “I’d love to, but we can’t pay you. Sorry.” The apology on my part was sincere, and I dug his work, so I thought having him in the paper …

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