North Jersey Notes – Metal Life Crisis, Tommy London, And More!

North Jersey Notes – Metal Life Crisis, Tommy London, And More!


This week’s feature band is a band that I became familiar with when my band Rahway performed with them at the The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ last spring. I thought their music was heavy and riff-tastic supported with some pretty amazing vocals by singer Gerald Franklin. I’m talking about Belmar’s Metal Life Crisis, and these guys have been making quite the name for themselves on the local music scene. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the Crisis guys again a couple of weekends ago at Tattoo Tony’s Tattooing for Autism benefit. My bud and guitarist, Shawn Kaiser, sent me a few links to listen to some of the bands recorded songs like “E.Y.E.,” “Ecodrain,” “Monster’s Feed” and “Metal Life Crisis,” and these songs really capture the band’s live sound and feel.

According to their bio, Metal Life Crisis is made up of four life-long friends, with strong musical backgrounds, who finally came together to create the progressive, hard rock, and metal music they’ve always dreamed of playing together. The average age of the members of Metal Life Crisis range from 46 to 53 years old, which makes them older than most …

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