North Jersey Notes: True Will, Psychoprism, Ryder, and more!

North Jersey Notes: True Will, Psychoprism, Ryder, and more!

TRUE WILL—Hightstown, NJ

If you’re going to play punk, you have to play it right! Yes, the beauty of punk rock is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, but there is a way to play punk, and I think the boys from True Will might have found the right ingredient when it comes to playing punk rock music. I came across this Hightstown band while I was checking out Dingbatz in Clifton’s schedule for the week and True Will came up, so I gave them a listen, and I really dug what I heard. I gave the songs “Voices” (which opens with a great bass punky bass riff), “Breathe” (my favorite track) and “Dust To Dust” a listen and these are some of the best punk songs that I’ve heard come out of Jersey in a while.

According to their bio, True Will was formed in Hightstown, NJ in late 2010 by singer and guitarist Billie Seeland and his brother Chris Seeland, who shares the vocal duties and plays bass. Drummer Mike Soto was brought in soon after to finalize the lineup. The Seeland brothers found the term “True Will” in the religion of Thelema, which was founded by …

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