North Jersey Notes: Firefight, Corevalay, Crust, and More

North Jersey Notes: Firefight, Corevalay, Crust, and More


So, a band reached out to me on the Aquarian website to check them out…well, their mom did anyway. I’m guessing she manages the band that her son is in. The name of the band is Firefight, and I gave them a listen, but they only had a demo (“The Fall of the Noldor”) and two live recordings (“From the Fire” and “Never Walk Alone”) to listen to, so it was tough to really gauge how great their music was. Whether I liked their music or not, however, I am ecstatic that these are kids and they’re playing some hard rocking music in North Jersey, and to me, that means the world! Their music might not be the quality I am used to hearing now, but they are kids and they are going to grow into amazing musicians as long as they stick to what they’re doing. I would never discourage what they are doing!

Firefight is a metal band out of Fort Lee, NJ. According to their bio, the band was formed by guitarist Ava Fisher back in late 2014. The band grew from humble beginnings with many lineup changes to a strong and improved …

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