North Jersey Notes: John Kiernan, Queen V, Lethal Affection, and More

North Jersey Notes: John Kiernan, Queen V, Lethal Affection, and More


Have you ever heard of a guitar player named John Kiernan? Neither have I until today! Holy crap! This guy shreds and he’s from North Jersey! How have I never heard of him before is beyond me, but look out Steve Bello and Angel Vivaldi! In fact, that would be an interesting North Jersey G3 show with the three aforementioned guitarists. Anyway, I gave John a listen on Spotify through a tip from a friend and there were all these recordings of WWE Superstars’ intro music! John Kiernan has become my new hero!

Hailing from Paramus, NJ, hard rock guitarist and award-winning film and video game composer John Kiernan grips audiences globally with heart-wrenching compositions, unbridled guitar wizardry and mastery among many genres. According to his bio, fans who know of his work describe his playing in the same breath as virtuosos like Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, and Andy James. John released a rock instrumental CD called Of Oceans on his own dime back in 2013 featuring the songs “The Hit,” “Awakening,” “Astraeus” and “Fury of the Storm,” showcasing his unique blend of memorable melodies with dynamic and vigorous finger work. The CD …

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