Fest For Beatle Fans @ Hyatt Regency

Fest For Beatle Fans

Hyatt Regency

JERSEY CITY, NJ—At this year’s Fest For Beatle Fans, performers and fans all gathered to tell the tales, sing the songs and relive the Fab Four’s unique place in the hearts and minds of the faithful. Beatle castoffs like George’s sis Louise Harrison shared the stage with DJ Ken Dashow of Q104.3 FM as she spun the tales about the so-called “quiet Beatle” who really wasn’t so quiet after all. Badfinger guitarist Joey Molland talked about seeing the Beatles in the Cavern in Liverpool where they played “loud and in your face.” Dealers sold museum quality memorabilia as Beatles karaoke, photo exhibits and trivia contests kept the crowd entertained.

Klaus Voormann, who played in the Plastic Ono Band and designed the cover for the Revolver album, took the crowd on a magical mystery tour on the iconic cover’s creation, adding that he was paid 50 pounds for his work on it. He talked about working with Lennon and Clapton on the Live Peace in Toronto show and album that the band rehearsed en route in the back of an airplane. He proudly added that Ringo claimed his finest hour working as a trio was with Lennon and Voormann on the …

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