Pearl Jam @ Madison Square Garden

MANHATTAN, NY—The lights shined a soft, bright yellow in Madison Square Garden as a sold-out crowd of fans decorated the seats like sprinkles on a sundae—plentiful and colorful. Pearl Jam commenced the stage just after 8:30 p.m., immediately setting the tone to sublimely happy while walking out to R.E.M.’s “It …

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Hatsune Miku / Anamanaguchi @ Hammerstein Ballroom

NEW YORK—Major shifts in technology have always changed music, whether in its sound or its performance, and often in both. The introduction of the steel-framed piano had an outsized impact on classical and popular music from its invention. Magnetic pickups gave us the electric guitar and its dominant influence on …

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A Celebration Of Adam Roth @ Webster Hall’s Grand Ballroom

MANHATTAN, NY—After college in Boston, Massachusetts, guitarist Adam Roth in 1979 moved to New York City and joined his brother, drummer Charles Roth, on the local punk rock stages. Adam briefly joined the Boston-based Del Fuegos shortly before the band split in 1980, and also worked with Jim Carroll, David …

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Santana @ Madison Square Garden

“We’re exalting the spirits up here of Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix up here” – Carlos Santana


MANHATTAN, NY—Santana band put on a fiery performance that ignited a maelstrom of junglfied Africana riffs and some oozy Hammond organ over the melodic thunder of guitarist Carlos’ …

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Peter Vitalone: The Side Of The Dirt

Upon first listen, about 35 seconds into “Into Me I See,” the first track on Peter Vitalone’s latest album, This Side Of The Dirt¸ I thought to myself, “This is something my parents would enjoy.” And though, to some, that could be construed as a bit of an insult, …

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Noir: The Burning Bridge

The Burning Bridge is Noir’s fourth release and it is dedicated to David Bowie. Noir consists of frontman Athan Maroulis, formerly of Spahn Ranch and Black Tape For A Blue Girl and keyboardists and backup female vocalists Kai Irina Hahn and Demetra Songs. In this collection they continue in what …

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Freakwater: Scheherazade

The biggest critical struggle for alt-country vets Freakwater, it seems, is convincing critics that they haven’t been making the same album over and over again since their 1989 self-titled debut. For most critics, as well as fans, Freakwater peaked in 1995 with their fourth and best received album, Old Paint

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SKOLD: The Undoing

Tim Sköld, Swedish multi-instrumentalist, collaborator with KMFDM and Marilyn Manson and producer of his own early, youthful projects, has released an album under his name, SKOLD. Titled The Undoing, it could also have been set in all bold capitals on the jacket, to keep with its bold, aggressive nature. …

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One-Eyed Doll @ Webster Hall

New York, NY—Webster Hall’s doors swung open and a pack of excited fans descended the cold, cement steps. At first, the room was a mass of darkness, our eyes struggling to adjust to the cave-like studio. The floor swelled with young adults sporting funky hairstyles topped with vibrant colors, which …

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Goth 101 @ Morbid Anatomy Museum

BROOKLYN, NY—The Morbid Anatomy Museum hosted a lecture entitled Goth 101 as the latest entry in its series of like-themed presentations by Andi Harriman, musicologist and author of a popular compendium on Postpunk and Goth culture. Ms. Harriman lectured for just under an hour, accompanying her extensive historical account with …

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