Arch Enemy: Interview with Angela Gossow

What has the band gained/learned since releasing Doomsday Machine? Any special or new experiences?

We are constantly evolving as performers and songwriters. We are never happy with what we have achieved so far and challenge ourselves to top the previous performance/ album in any means. We have written quite a few bits for the next album and it’s gonna crush Doomsday Machine! You have got to challenge yourself to keep things interesting. We are artists and thus never satisfied with ourselves. You gotta stay hungry to have the endurance to record, tour, tour, tour, write new stuff, record again and tour, tour, tour.

What’s it like to tour with legendary Mustaine? And to have been chosen by him to perform on Gigantour?

Megadeth certainly have a big influence on our sound. Dave Mustaine has written some of the best metal riffs out there and is quite underrated in his contribution to the metal scene. Peace Sells or Rust In Peace are albums every metal fan MUST own. The man can shred and walks all over today’s wanna- be guitar kids. We are proud to be part of the Gigantour. This tour offers pure quality instead of quantity! I don’t wanna hear any excuses why some kid couldn’t come out to see the show!

What bands are you into lately (metal or not).

Megadeth, Gojira, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Exodus.

What are the plans for after Gigantour?

We will do an extensive European tour up until late December. Then we will start demoing the new material and we’ll go into the studio to record a new Arch Enemy album in February 2007.

What are the differences in how the band is received in the US as opposed to Europe?

We are having a good following in both parts of the world. We have toured all over extensively. A lot of bands focus on one market only. We have managed to cover the world quite well, including the Asian market. This is why we are touring all year round. We never get off tour really.

What was your experience like with Cross, the vocal coach?

She taught me the right breathing techniques. I started out with no training at all. With Arch Enemy, I suddenly had to become a professional vocalist who has to deliver a strong performance everyday. This requires knowledge of your instrument and good control. This is what I had to learn. The vocal coach surely didn’t teach me screaming though, haha.. She was rather shocked really and doubted I would last very long. Well, I am doing it for 15 years now. My vocal chords are absolutely fine, I am getting an ENT checkup every six months. I proved her wrong, and many others who saw me as a gimmick. I am fronting Arch Enemy for five years now and I am here to stay.

What must you have with you on the road?

A lot of things. I have my rituals to feel at home on a tour bus or at any place. I need my own pillow. My own bedding sheets from home, my yoga mat, my pajamas, at least three different pairs of shoes. My vast bag of creams, lotions and potions. My iPod. My laptop. And a million other things. I am a small girl traveling with two huge trolleys, haha.. Well, I have four strong lads who can help me carry them, right?

Thanks again Angela, good luck to you.

Thanks so much Jen.

Arch Enemy are performing on the main stage of Gigantour on Sept. 30 at PNC Bank Arts Center. Arch Enemy’s DVD Live Apocalypse is in stores now, as well as their latest release Doomsday Machine. Visit for more information.