Interview with Dragonforce: Ready For A Beatdown?

You guys seem like you know how to have a good time in your music videos and on stage, do you have any memorable touring moments in the U.S. and Europe?

Theart: Well in the U.S., on our tour bus, you’re not allowed to shit in the bus toilet. This girl left a turd the size of my forearm. Ha ha. Then in Europe, at the start of the tour last year, we played St. Petersburg on a Friday and we had to take the overnight train to Moscow. We got on the train about half past 12 a.m., met some Russians going on a break somewhere, and they invited us to do a few shots of vodka. I got completely fucked off my head, stumbled into my room, woke up in the middle of the night, thought I was in the toilet and took my cock out and just pissed all over Dave [the drummer] who was sleeping in his bunk, then got back in bed. I only heard about it the next day before we hit the stage.

He must have been pissed off, or on—literally. What happened the next day when you took the stage?

Theart: He was the first person I saw the next day. I was fucked up man. I missed sound check totally. I got there about 7 p.m. or something and the first person I saw was Dave and I’m like, ‘Hey Dave.’ I was looking for everyone but they were eating lunch in the green room. Our manager was the first to come by and he goes, ‘I believe the next time you’re around its good to wear a rain coat,’ and I’m like, ‘What a fuckin’ weird bastard you are, what’s your point?’ Then I walked into the green room and everyone goes, ‘Yeah you pissed on Dave last night.’ I walked back to Dave going, ‘Dude, is this true?’ and he goes, ‘Yeah, you pissed all over me, rock n’ roll.’ Fuck, I felt like a real dick.

Any plans to continue that on the upcoming tour?

Theart: Maybe piss on someone else. I got a few in mind. Ha ha. Take it to a new level man. I want to throw up in someone’s shoes, then make them wear it.

Ultra Beatdown is available now. Check out Dragonforce at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY, on Wednesday, Aug. 6. For more info, visit

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