Interview with Dragonforce: Ready For A Beatdown?

For new fans that might have caught on after ‘Through The Fire and Flames’ from Guitar Hero III, what can they expect from this new album?

Theart: Much more than what was on Guitar Hero, man. A few more twists and turns. It’s very distinctly Dragonforce but there’s a few more grown up bits in there.

Leclercq: It’s like Dragonforce but more mature with more diverse things. It’s what you like, but better.

You’re going overseas for a tour in Europe, followed by the Rockstar Energy Mayhem tour, so with all the touring, what can fans expect to see?

Theart: Yeah, heavy metal summer school. Its fuckin’ cool man. Dude, the thing is, our fans are always crazy as fuck. They know what to expect, if they’re long time fans they know what to expect from us on stage and we kind of know how sick they get in the pit so its good to be back on fucking touring again man.

Is there any specific area of the U.S. that’s most fun for you guys to play?

Theart: I’ll tell you what, New York. We played our first gig here at that church.

Leclercq: Yeah, our first gig in the U.S. was Worcester then we went to Avalon.

Theart: Avalon, yeah that was our first gig in New York and I think three people had to leave to go to the hospital. A girl had a hole fuckin’ cut in her face. Dude, I swear it was the first time I’ve seen a room, back to front, side to side, move, everything. It was fuckin’ sick, we just stood there like, whoa. That was a sick fuckin’ show man.

Anywhere else?

Leclercq: I like Texas.

Theart: You like the chicks in Texas.

Leclercq: Yeah, maybe.

That’s funny, because metal bands aren’t usually known for having a large female following. Do a lot of girls turn out at Dragonforce shows?

Leclercq: No!

Theart: No. Not enough! Ha ha. We’re heavy metal dude, you don’t get paid, you don’t get laid.

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