Interview with Dragonforce: Ready For A Beatdown?

So then how are the melodies arranged?

Leclercq: Depends on who’s bringing the idea, but usually it’s just like some really crappy guitar and then drums on top of it. You really don’t understand any of it, but then you just start working on it.

It seems like you could just keep working on it and never stop. How do you know when enough is enough and its time to move on to the next song?

Leclercq: There’s never enough.

Theart: Ha ha. We’ll we stop the day it has to be into press. It drives these guys [the record label] up the walls, trust me.

And now for the dreaded, Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock question. I’m sure you’re sick of talking about it at this point.

Theart: It’s cool, and you know, before everyone asks the question they say, ‘I know you’re really sick about talking about Guitar Hero,’ but go for it.

Ha ha, alright, well you gained so many new fans that might not have otherwise been into Dragonforce because of the game’s popularity. Are you guys planning on doing more video games with the release of this new record?

Theart: We haven’t gotten that question, that’s original actually. Well, they kind of approach you. They approached our management and they said, ‘This is the opportunity, are you guys interested?’

It just seems that since your record sales increased dramatically because of the game, your label might try and make a push to place you in more video games.

Theart: Probably. If the opportunity arises again, but it’s got to be a good opportunity and this one was, seeing as it was a guitar game. The good thing about the whole Guitar Hero thing is that it reaches a whole nother level of fan that would not necessarily be interested in metal and there’s a lot of kids that go online and say, ‘My brother told me about your band and I thought it sucked, then I played Guitar Hero with all my favorite bands on it and all of sudden you popped up and you’ve kind of grown on me and now I’m a Dragonforce fan.’ That’s fucking sweet. I can’t complain with that.

Leclercq: It would be nice to have a game, like a Dragonforce game instead. That would be funny. You could choose what character you want to be, if you want to play ZP or you want to play me.

Theart: I want to play you and me and beat Sam and Herman up with sledgehammers–big ones. Ha ha.

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