So tell me about your first full length, Good Til Your Heart Pops.

Gary: That record was recorded over two years ago now and we’ve been promoting it for a very long time. It’s an album filled with hooks, basically just a list of love songs. I think what’s great about it is that its easily excepted by everyone. We’re definitely really proud of that record.

You guys are working on your second full-length album, tell me about that.

Dylan: This record is definitely a step up. [Someone starts talking in the background] Dude, you totally ruined my answer. If you’re going to talk, hit mute! [Laughs]

It’s a step up musicianship-wise. The first record was recorded about two and a half years ago and we were promoting this record for so long and now that we’re no long affiliated with the label, we stopped touring. But now we’re finally releasing new music. We feel like its going to show people that we can play songs that are more mature than our songs that are currently out. But we can still keep that catchiness and our overall general style. On this new album we can show people that we’ve progressed on our instruments. There’s been a good response.

Gary: The writing process usually starts through me and I’ve always loved bands that we listen to in our van like the Starting Line, but as a growing musician, we all really wanted to make an album that stood out in its own way. We did the best we could to keep the idea of the first record, the catchiness and trying to express a new emotion in rock and roll. We hope the music and lyrics come together that create a new tangible emotion that defines our band.

Vin: Just to sum it up: The new album is more technical, like asking a girl to the prom, but its catchy like an STD on prom night.

[Laughs] Wow. Gary, he just shit on your answer.

Vin: I never had that experience, but I’m just saying.

Do you guys embrace the label of pop-rock?

Gary: We have nothing against bands that scream. There are some great bands out there that have screaming. There are some bands that make it their own and there are some bands out there, unfortunately, that end up being just another screamo band that no one will probably ever want to listen to. However, when we say ‘pop’ we don’t mean it in the sense of Ryan Cabrera, we mean it to be a popular sound. I guess the way we wrote our first record, it could be considered pop but I can see us becoming more of an alternative rock band. We like the pop-rock label and have always liked the music we play; we never thought it to be a negative trait for us.

Vin: I won’t shit on anything.

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