Bands On The Verge 2010: The New Class

We’re happy to introduce this year’s Aquarian Weekly On The Verge Bands! There are plenty of new faces but also a few bands from last year’s program that keep impressing us. Selected from hundreds of entries, the class of 2010 cuts across all genres and even state lines, but all of them have common qualities: Talent, drive, and some great tunes.

And since we’re so adamant about these guys, we’ve created a free download card to give you a ground-floor listen to these bands. Look for it at New Jersey Warped Tour dates, select PNC Bank Arts Center shows and tons of other concerts.

Or you could just type in and enter the code “otv2010” to download songs from each of the bands below. Yeah, I know you want the card, but it’s a way around the system. Just in case.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the 2010 On The Verge Bands and if you like what you hear, tell them and a friend!

Oh, The Story!

Pop Rock
Baltimore, Maryland

Since Oh, The Story’s conception, they have managed to build a large and dedicated fan base with their dynamic stage presence and engaging alternative rock/pop songs. “We are inspired by and draw from bands and artists who have really evoked change and broken barriers with their music. That’s what we aspire to do.”

Washington Square Park

Punk / Pop Punk / Indie
Essex County, NJ

Washington Square Park is made up of individuals well aware of how fast time flies. They don’t expect to see home much or have much money in their pockets over the next few years, but to quote Max, “I’d rather rot in a gutter (guitar in hand) than have to fill out TPS reports for Bob.”

American Classic

Rock / Alternative
Kearny, NJ

Life Is Motion, the debut EP by American Classic, is a representation of the changes one can feel and experience throughout life. With a bright and promising future ahead, American Classic hopes to reignite today’s music scene, with a true and devoted love for the music.

Trees Above Mandalay

Rock / Indie / Powerpop
Rockaway, NJ

Trees Above Mandalay has musical influences that range from metal and hardcore to pop and jazz that they hope can be heard in their songs. This upcoming summer they will be doing heavy touring to promote the re-release of their Palace EP, out this week.

The Victory

Pop / Punk
Bergen County, NJ

They bring the compelling twist of relatable lyrics, exasperating riffs and chords, consuming beats and melodious vocals, presenting a spine-tingling and mind-engaging sound that could never be expected. Jersey’s own The Victory will be the biggest musical thrill of your life.

The Title

Pop / Electronica / Powerpop
Hoboken, NJ

The Title started off as an electronic band based out of Hoboken in 2007 and quickly became a quintet, adding guitar, bass, and live drums. Having just released their sophomore record and fifth(!) release overall, Safe With Me, in March, the band regularly plays all around the tri-state area.

Your Sister’s Canary

Blues / Pop / Rock
Bergen County, NJ

Your Sister’s Canary is a dynamic trio delivering show-stopping performances reminiscent of a sultry Broadway production without compromising the raw authenticity of an intimate club atmosphere. Their current EP, Bread & Butter, represents the group’s lighthearted take on life’s ups and downs while articulating an overarching message of optimism. They have managed to fuse a fresh blend of blues/pop, jazz/rock, and soul/doo-wop into an ever-growing repertoire of new material, some of which has been recorded in preparation for a Summer 2010 release.

The Ugly Club

Rock / Alternative / Indie
New Jersey

The Ugly Club is a diverse and ever-growing project of musical ideas and styles. Founded by Ryan Egan, Taylor Mandel, Ryan McNulty, and Michael Sue-Poi, the group immediately began collaborating on songwriting and arranging, bringing together unique musicality to create a refreshing form of indie-rock soul. Together, they released their debut EP, Sing What You Want.

It’s Not Over

Pop / Punk / Alternative
Staten Island, NY

In early 2009, It’s Not Over entered their new single, “Kiss Kiss (Break Up),” in the original music contest on After many rounds of voting, It’s Not Over made it to the top eight out of hundreds of bands and appeared on Fuse TV numerous times. They will release their first full-length album in mid-to-late 2010.