Lexappeall: Owl City + Super Star 4 Meeting

I checked out Owl City last week and I have one honest question that MegOhio and I racked our brains on. Is Owl City on the Disney Channel? I’ve never seen so many young kids at a show before. The show was sold out, full of 12 year olds and parents. Seriously! The Demi Lovato crowd averaged older than that. The performance was rather repetitive sounding but that’s just his music. The mini-orchestra behind him was pretty gnarly though. I’ll was back at the School of Rock on Thursday for Alesana, the Bled, and Madina Lake, Asking Alexandria and Broadway. Don’t forget that this Saturday my friends in Dr. Acula and American Me will be playing at The Loft in Poughkeepsie, NY. It’s definitely going to be a good time so make sure you don’t miss out! I’ll be finishing my week on an awesome note while I hang with friends at the Croc Rock watching A Day to Remember and Parkway Drive.

On another note, I had a very interesting weekend. Friday night I was at Café Arabica with my friend Elie Esper, when I ended up meeting Saad Lemjarrad, who was a finalist on Super Star 4 which is like American Idol in the middle east. He’s surprisingly a really down to earth dude. I spent my Saturday the only way to spend an autumn Saturday night, at a bonfire up in NY state surround by beer and good friends. And guess what? I’m going to be a godmother soon! Sunday I went to a babyshower for my lovely best friend Lindsay and did that whole spiel. Basically I’m going to teach the new young one how to do everything opposite of how I did. Haha!

Make sure you come say hey at these shows.

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