The Company Band: The Company Band

You’d think that The Company Band—Clutch’s Neil Fallon, Fu Manchu’s Brad Davis on bass, Fireball Ministry’s James Rota on guitar, CKY’s Jess Margera on drums and mutual buddy Dave Bone also on guitar—would be the stoner rock supergroup of 2009. They’re not.

That distinction goes to Shrinebuilder.

And really, The Company Band had the title in 2007 with their first EP, Sign Here, Here And Here. It’s about sharing, fellas.

The other “supergroup” issue with this self-titled debut full-length is the nasty truth that the spotlight’s on Fallon. Without his involvement, the group would be going nowhere fast, as the so-so material here is elevated on the strength of his trademark vocal style and idiosyncratic lyrics. Case in point, opener “Zombie Barricades,” with its rollicking and witty chorus, full of attitude and swagger, but it’s all due to Fallon.

And it’s the strongest track among the 10 songs here.

This is likely a product of insufficient time spent on an album which doesn’t break the 40 minute mark, (all the members have other longstanding projects that aren’t taking a hiatus) but it’s far from the worst stoner rock record you’ll hear in 2009. Still, with this lineup, The Company Band shouldn’t be vanilla no specks.

In A Word: Middling