Lexappeall: Post-Thanksgiving Recap, Hit The Lights, Glassjaw, All Time Low

Where, oh where, to begin today? It feels like it’s been forever! I haven’t been to many shows since Thanksgiving (which was fantastic, by the way!) so I’ll recap the best I can!

Who wasn’t at the Hit The Lights show on the 20th?! Plenty of friendly faces, high energy music and laughter filled the School Of Rock. Hit the Lights’ new DVD certainly won’t disappoint. As for the performance? Outstanding! The guys always give it their all and please their fans show after show.

Of course I stuffed myself silly on Thanksgiving and proceeded to play Rock Band with my little cousins. My family is amazing. That Friday I hit up Lava Lounge to catch my friends Jon Gambino and Ben Reynolds doing their thing. Again, surrounded by good people, in a good atmosphere, with good beer. Bless the stars, I love my life sometimes.

May I say, Glassjaw blew my mind on Saturday! Yeah sure Brand New did their thing, yeah Vinnie was beautiful but damn GJ, you took the show for me. All the bands that night rocked out, the show as a whole was great. I’m excited to see Glassjaw not once, but two more times this month, but all that will be talked about at a later date.

Last night, I crawled down into the Meatlocker in Montclair… ignoring the venue itself, pretending I wasn’t sitting on a car seat as my chair… I watched my good friends in Knuckle Up and Dr. Acula rock out in Jersey one last time before they hit the road for tour. Such a fun night with all my close friends, despite the few fist fights, which is only a part of the genre anyway. I wish the guys a safe and fun experience and drink plenty of tequila for me in Mexico!

So what’s new you ask? What is Lexappeal doing now? Besides being in shock it’s already December, and being flabbergasted on where 2009 went… I’ll be stirring things up with the Break Contest next month and continuing with the Aquarian’s Bands On the Verge contest. Tonight I’ll be at Hammerstein Ballroom with V-dub for the Friday Night Boys, Every Avenue, We the Kings and All Time Low show. Not too much next week so I’ll be laying low with some friends.

See you kids around.

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