Lexappeall: Number 12 Finale, Go-Karts, And E-Town Concrete

I haven’t had any life threatening experiences this week. Alive and well… and boring. I’m back into painting so that’s been taking up the majority of my personal time. I’m starting a journal that, instead of written entries, it’s daily drawings expressing what I’m experiencing.

Recap? The Number 12 had a great farewell show. Kids from all over the damn world came out; Poland, England, Japan and all over the states. Besides that, we’ve been on-site at the Break Contest at Velocity 17. It’s a great staff to work with and the venue is a blast. Second fastest lap time right here, next to Jason… who’s like ridiculously good so I feel pretty good about being number 2 in this situation. Haha.

Upcoming? Not much at all. Anti-Flag tomorrow at Starland, however with six inches of snow on its way, we won’t be on-site. Precious cargo, know what I’m sayin? ;) The large calendar at the office has next week blank, so I’ll be painting away I assume. Although I see E-Town Concrete and Acacia Strain is next weekend and I will most certainly be at that. All in good time though.

OTV contest is looking good. E-mail submissions are over at the end of the month, so send in your music project if you haven’t yet! Time’s running out! Time’s flying. Bamboozle will be here before I even realize it. Geez!

Small aside: I’m slowly accepting the fact that I won’t be seeing Michael Franti on the 25th & 26th at MSG. A cruel reality of life.

Catch you kids later.