Goo Goo Dolls: Something For The Rest Of Us

Something For The Rest Of Us is just that, a collection of “oblique” songs (as John Rzeznik describes them) written for the world to interpret in their own unique way.

Rzeznik’s voice is in its best shape since 1998’s Dizzy Up The Girl, with more distinction and emotion than ever, and he’s retained the rare ability to articulate thoughts in few words (a Lennon-ism). Even Goo Goo Dolls founder and bassist Robby Takac’s songs are full of melody and emotion with their regular punk rock flare embedded.

It’s easy to tell that background musicians Korel Tunador (eerily good harmonies, keys, guitar, sax, etc.) and Brad Fernquist (lead guitar, mandolin, etc.) are a part of this effort, as they have consistently added extra love, talent and underlying elements to everything the Dolls have created since they joined in ’06.

This album is a comforting gift from a band with a genuine conception of these times, to those struggling in everyday life: lacking money, food or a home in this poor economy, losing loved ones by natural disasters and senseless wars, and everything in between.

In A Word: Human