Various Artists: Punk Goes Pop

I’ve been a fan of the Punk Goes Pop series for a while now. It gives bands the chance to experiment with their sounds in a fun way for fans. The songs in heavy rotation on the radio are given a punk twist. Breakdowns in the middle of a Kanye West song, or screams in a Katy Perry song are funny and entertaining.

This edition of Punk Goes Pop includes Breathe Carolina, Mayday Parade, Cute Is What We Aim For and Sparks The Rescue, performing popular artists such as Jay Sean, Jason Derulo, T.I. and Lady Antebellum. I think that Punk Goes Pop Vol. 2 had a stronger lineup of bands, but this album is still a good time.

The mixes within individual songs get ridiculous, but that might be why I was so excited while I ran through the disc. The technologic sounds of “Bulletproof” mixed with Family Force 5’s rough vocals, and the melodic beat of “Down” mixed with a screaming breakdown from Breathe Carolina, where a rap is usually featured are two of the examples that made me laugh as I listened to all the songs.

Although I don’t know how the original artists feel about these covers, I know that they were enjoyable to hear the first time around. The one fear I have about this album is that the replay value is only high for a couple of songs. Although the covers were fun once, I can’t seem to picture myself listening to them many times. But besides that little side-note, the album is definitely worth a look.

In A Word: Amusing