Motörhead: The World Is Yours

It’s hard not to go into listening to the new Motörhead without some sort of expectations. For over 20 years Motörhead have been serving out the same punk-fused, iconic road-metal and they’ve never given any hint of slowing down. Much praise must be given to these guys for keeping up their pace given the duration of their career—not to mention their excessive substance abuse.

Motörhead always has the best song titles and the balls to use them. No other band can use “Born To Lose” or “I Know How To Die” without sounding kitsch or try hard, but Motörhead does it and makes you love it. I swear Lemmy’s years of binge drinking have embalmed his body and, more importantly, his vocal cords. He sounds just like he did on their first album; amazing.

The only problem with this album is that it has a few tracks that seem to be more rock inspired than metal. Luckily, those are far and few in between, so get ready to headbang till it hurts!

The World Is Yours is 10 tracks of pure, road-inspired audio fatalities that will whet the palate of any true fan of rock or metal. “Caveat emptor” just isn’t appropriate for this release, everyone knows what they’re getting with Motörhead. If rock is your religion, then it is your duty to grab this album.

In A Word: Revved